Sunday, May 19, 2013

she's almost here!

sheesh.  i didn't realize, until now, that it's been since february that i blogged. 

i guess that just how it goes sometimes.  i really feel like this blog is more like an online journal, mostly for myself.  and although there have been some journal worthy stuff going on the past few months, i just haven't gotten around to writing it down.  oh well. 

and since i'm having a baby in 2 weeks, it's probably only going to get worse.  but, at least i'll have her room documented!  =)

that's pretty much what i've been focused on lately, when it comes to baby.  her nursery.  as some of you know, i really like to decorate.  i like to pull things together over time, and not rush.  so, we've been slowly working for the past couple of months.  the room that is now the nursery used to be our office/my craft room.  a wall of books and tons of stuff.  it was the room that we always closed the door to when we had people over.  the "catch all" room.

below is the only "before" picture i can find.  it doesn't look too bad here, but right before we moved everything out, it was bad.  there was hardly any floor space.  3 years ago when we moved in, the paneling wasn't painted.  just brown wood.  but, it's really nice paneling.  and even though it took a coat of primer and 2 coats of paint, i knew i wanted it painted.  And i knew that i had to choose a color that could someday work as a 2nd nursery.  we didn't want to have to paint it again, so we went with this green, about 3 years ago.

so, here you go.  the nursery now!!!

i made or painted a lot of the stuff in here.  i really like reusing old stuff and giving it new life.  most of the frames on her wall are thrift finds.  so is her end table and lamp.  $5 for the end table, that shaun had to fix and then i painted.  $2 for the lamp.  the pink mirror was find from my grandmother's house.  it's crazy old.  probably around 75 years.  the actual mirror isn't in the best shape anymore, but it still works.  and it's big and sturdy and free.  ;)

i made the blanket and the pillow in the chair.  i've made a ton of these blankets for friends in the past.  i started sewing when C was about 1 1/2, so it was past the point of making her a baby blanket.  so, i was excited to finally make one for my own baby.

shaun and i made the window valance together.  i love the fabric.  i originally wanted it to be used for the crib skirt, but couldn't find enough of it.  so, i made the pillow, used it for some squares in her quilt, and then the valance.  love how it turned out. 

i made the bunting over the door right after we found we were having another girl.  i have so much scrap fabric, and just cut up a bunch and put it all together.  turned out pretty cute!

i took the closet doors off and hung curtains.  we have curtains over C's closet, and i've always loved the easy, wide open access.  i hate those old sliding doors.  and since our house is really old, we would have to have bi-fold doors custom made.  so, curtains are a cheap easy fix.

the katie daisy print above is where i kind of started when it came to the colors for the room.  i fell in love with the print and just went from there.  green, pink, yellow, blue, aqua.  i have a few of her prints around the house, so i knew baby girl #2 needed one too.

the bookshelf and the lamp are new from Target.  i couldn't pass up the lamp.  it matches the katie daisy print so perfectly.  

and the little willow tree statue was a mother's day gift this year.  i only have 1 other willow tree, and it's in C's room.  shaun gave it to me when she was about 1 and we've always said it was C and mommy.  now baby girl #2 has one too.

i made the mobile out of scrap book paper and an embroidery hoop.  i bought a scalloped hole punch and used double sided paper.  once i had them laid out, i just sewed them together.  easy.  and only about $5.

i made her name banner too.  i just printed and cut out all the letters, then ironed fabric on to card stock using heat 'n bond.  i wish now that i had used something heavier than just card stock, because some of the letters are kind of starting to curl.  but, i had all the supplies on hand, so it was free.  i did buy the knobs it's hanging on.  they are drawer knobs from hobby lobby.  since we have wood walls, shaun just screwed them into the paneling.  a little fancier than nails.

the crib skirt was made by my friend kari.  she makes awesome baby bedding, but i pretty much just used C's old bedding.  i didn't have a crib skirt though.  so, kari came to the rescue!  it's kind of hard to see in this picture, but it's the same fabric in the frame on the shelf about the crib.  kari gave me all of the leftover scraps, and so i framed some, until i have a good picture to put in there.

the quilt hanging over the crib was the one i finally finished back in march.  i never blogged about it, but i did put it on instagram a few times.

the back of the quilt is the same yellow and white polka dot that's the border.  not perfect, but i'm pretty proud of my first quilt. 

so, there you have it.  i love it.  i go in every day and just look around, or sit in the chair.  just thinking about her.  thinking if i need to change something.  just enjoying it

and as you've probably noticed, her name in June.  Audrey June Cook to be exact.  baby june, june bug, juney.  we talk and think about her all the time.  we've had her named for a while, but i liked not announcing it just yet.  a lot of people know, but i guess this is the "official" announcement.  =)

i think we are ready!  her room is decorated, we have lots of diapers and wipes, and everything is clean.  i think the only thing left to do is pack my hospital bag!  

we love you baby juney.  your big sister talks about you everyday, wondering how you're doing.  she can't wait to see you and hold you and help mommy when it comes to taking care of you.  daddy and i are pretty excited too.  we feel so blessed to have another little princess to take care of.

stay cozy and safe in there for a couple more weeks.  we'll hug and kiss you soon!!!