about me

hello friends! 

if you're reading this blog, you probably already know me.  you're probably a friend or family member and won't be too enlightened by this page.  but, just in case you don't know me, welcome to the 'about me' section of my little blog.  well first, welcome to my blog!

so - about me.

how about bullet points?  would that be OK?  

  • i live with and am in love with my best friend.  i love being his wife and am so thankful God put us together as a perfect match.
  • i'm a mom.  and it's the best job i've ever had.  my little stinker is referred to as C around here.  she is the best thing the hubs and i have ever done.  she is the best of both of us and we love seeing her little personality grow more and more each day.
  • i make things.  and although they may only be for the hubs or C, i still make things.  
  • the making department mostly consists of baking and sewing.  both are things that give me a real sense of accomplishment.  and even though i love my baby with all of my heart, on the days when all she does is cry and say "no" to all my requests, its nice to sit in front of a sewing machine or mixing bowl and have complete control over the outcome.  
  • i love Jesus. i don't have stickers on my car or t-shirts in my drawer, but i do have a Bible that i read and try to follow. i live in a community of believers and non-believers. i have gay and straight friends, black and white friends, democrat and republican friends and i know Jesus loves us all, so I do too. 
  • i blog.  and this blog is mostly about the random little things that happen throughout my week.  i've tried to structure it's format, but that hasn't worked for me.  i love to read blogs and really enjoy this world of blogland.  what a concept.  and what an adventure into some many different lives and ways of life. 
  • i work.  pretty much full-time.  but i long for the day when my husband sits me down and tells me i can stay home with our kids.  thankfully, i like my job.  but as i said earlier, being a mom is the best job i'll ever have.
so, there you have it.  jade in a nutshell.

thanks for stopping by!