Tuesday, December 8, 2009


i was driving back from my lunch break today and got stuck in traffic on nicholasville road. not a big surprise, but today it is raining and cold and there is christmas traffic and i was running late. so, as i was sitting there i decided i wasn't going to be upset. that's right - wasn't. i don't really know how that happened, but that's what i decided. i'm always telling shaun that it's a waste of energy to get angry over things we can't control. so today i listened to my own rule. and as i sat there i started thinking of all the things that bring me joy at christmas.

1- my sweet baby girl and my wonderful husband. i can't tell you how blessed i am this christmas to have them. it was this time last year that we found out we were pregnant. and here we are enjoying and loving every minute with our 3 month old!

2- frosted cranberry. it's a scent that bath and body works has every christmas and it smells AMAZING!! i have a frosted cranberry wallflower in my entry way at home and every day i am greeted by this amazing smell! i ask for the candle every year.
3- red cups from starbucks. i get so excited when i see them. especially when they are filled with peppermint white chocolate mochas! mmmmmm.....

4- wrapped presents. all of my presents are wrapped and under the tree. i love, love wrapping presents mostly because of the bows. i'm not very creative with them, but i just love the way they look. i love that they shine and sparkle under the tree lights, and i think a beautifully wrapped gift makes the actual gift so much more fun.
5- This Christmas by Donny Hathaway. i sing it every year when we start decorating. shaun hates it, but i never care. it makes me want to sing it more! and this year i realized that caroline loves this song too. i'm not kidding. she gets the biggest smile on her face every time i sing that song. even shaun has started to sing it to get her to smile. my plan has worked.....

6- baby jesus. christ. he is the main reason for my joy. he is the reason i wake up, i breathe and that i live the life i do. he is what this time of year is all about. and although i do enjoy giving and getting presents, i will never forget and always be thankful for this gift. eternal life and joy forever.

so this season i am going to do my best to continue to find joy. even while sitting in traffic or driving 3 hours with a 3 month old in the back. joy. joy...