Thursday, August 11, 2011

outside living

i don't know where you're located, but here in lexington it's amazing outside right now.  i mean!  august here is typically hot and humid and just kind of miserable.  but this morning it was chilly outside.  in the 60's, sunny and just wonderful.

weather like this makes me thankful for our back porch.

this space is one of the main things that sold us on this house.  and on days like today, it's another room of our house.  we had lunch out there today and the dog has been hanging out there enjoying the breeze.

we love to sit out there on the swing during rainstorms, and we've got great neighbors with a green thumb, so we have a great view in the spring and summer.

we grill out a lot and love to have people over.  but we noticed right off the bat that getting into the back yard was a problem.  we have a set of stairs that lead down, but once you get to the bottom, there's a problem....

after ducking and bonking our heads for about a year, we decided to take action.  we realized that this weird part of the porch was serving no purpose structurally, so....

now you see it...

now you don't!

we are still getting used to it and sometimes still duck to get under, but we are so glad we did it!  well, shaun did it.  i just watched...;)

our next plan is to lay a brick patin down there and add a hand rail.  we have a good sized back and side yard that is all fenced in, so we would love a place to sit down in the yard to watch C play.

i love that we have a place to do a little outdoor living.  especially a place with a lot of potential.  next summer i want to paint the ceiling blue!

pinterest has definitely inspired me!

OK - sorry for the post that kind of went in a few different directions.

hope you have a place to enjoy this weather!