Monday, March 28, 2011

SO big - 18 months

last night i randomly went back and watched videos and looked at pictures of C when she was really little. like first born little.

{after her 1st bath}

now my baby is almost 19 months old.

she is not just walking, but running!

she is not just saying words, but trying to put together sentences.

she is not just crying, but throwing fits. like drop to the floor kind of fits! =)

and she is saying "please" and "thank you" and "love you" when she leaves the room.

when did all this happen?

i love the person she is becoming. everyday i see more little glimpses of her personality. i see her daddy and i see me.

she loves to snuggle (mommy)

she loves to be doing something all the time (daddy)

she loves music (daddy)

she hates to be rushed (mommy)

she loves helping (daddy)

she loves to be creative (mommy)

and she knows what she wants when she wants it! (is that me? must be...;))

she is so much fun right now and i can't believe she is almost 2! seriously, where has the time gone? when did she get so big?

love you baby girl! keep growing, but sloooow down a bit! ;)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

it worked!!

i'm still a little surprised, but it's true. i made another tote bag! and just in time for my mom's vaca that she leaves for tomorrow morning!!!

she wanted something to carry on the plane. not too big, not too small.

i found this tutorial a couple of weeks ago and when i told her i would make her a bag, this is what i went to.

and it worked! i didn't doubt the instructions, but i seriously doubted what i was attempting. there were so many pieces. but as i started putting things together, little by little it started making sense.

and then - wah la! a tote bag for momma!!

yes, that's a pocket in there. four to be exact. and yes, that's a pocket on the outside too. one on each side actually! ;)

and i even had enough fabric left over to make a little zipper pouch. i just randomly bought a zipper the other day when i was at hobby lobby. i've never done anything with a zipper before, but knew it was a project i wanted to try. so yes, the zipper is light pink. not my first choice with the blue fabric, but it's all i had and i was on a roll!

what a great little combo for vacation. i'm totally jealous.

i'm definitely making more of these. i will change a few things next time (make the straps longer, use heavier pellon for better stability, get my straps lined up at the bottom), but over all i'm VERY pleased.

hmmm...what should i tackle next?? =)

Monday, March 21, 2011

pretty little lady

well, i did it! i can mark another project off my sewing list. and i'm pretty exited about this one.

one of the reasons i wanted to learn how to sew was because i wanted to make cute clothes for C. i could get carried away buying stuff for her, so when i started learning the basics of sewing, i couldn't stop thinking about making her something.

so, i made her a skirt! and i love it, i mean LOVE it.

and it was easy. i didn't follow a tutorial, so i don't have anywhere to send you. i might make one (i bought more fabric today for another skirt), but i'm so new at sewing, i might embarrass myself...

i can't help it. she just looks so cute! my pretty little lady.

tomorrow i'm starting on my mom's tote bag. hopefully i'll be able to share that next!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

a list of crafts

this is mostly for me, but since i haven't blogged in a few days, i thought i would share.

things i want to craft:

- alphabet art for C's room - i randomly saw a cute and very easy tutorial on the mother huddle that i'm going to do. i feel like it's time for some art she can learn from.

- another tote bag - i made this one a couple of weeks ago. it turned out way better than i expected, so i've gained some confidence.

i want to try to make this one next. hopefully for my mom before she leaves on vacation.

- a tu-tu - my baby gets to be a flower girl in my little brothers wedding! the bride would like them in tu-tu's. i don't think it will be hard. i'm actually going to work on this before the weekend.

- a skirt - for some reason i'm obsessing over making a skirt for C. i've never made one. i really don't have a tutorial to follow, but i think i can come up with something simple.

- hair clips - i made this last night.

i want to make more! so many possibilities and i already had all the supplies so it was free!

i think this is pretty good for now. i'm so excited about all of them i have some weird/crazy idea that i'll be able to do them all in the next day or two. hahahaha! i work full-time and then "mom" full-time once my 9-5 is over. this might be a little ambitious. =)

i'll keep you posted!

ps - i added a new page on my blog. not a big deal really, but check my 'about me' section if you're interested!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

summer plans

i'm about to do what the rest of the world is doing (if you live somewhere with cold weather). wish for summer! dream and think about all the wonderful things i already have planned and browse the internet for pictures that help make my daydreams seem more realistic.

as i've mentioned before, we bought a house last may that over time would need a lot of love and tlc from us. we have done a lot of painting and sprucing here and there, but no huge changes. well, as i think about my summer, renovating our kitchen is at the top of my list. and as the hubs thinks about electrical and cabinet placement and budget stuff, i think about colors and hardware and design stuff!

so today i found a cool website for putting together a kitchen mood board. i'm addicted. hooked. this is like my thang. this website is amazing, so easy to use and once you add things from their archives, you can find the store that sells them. so awesome. i mean really, where have i been? how have i missed this??

so, here's my board
{you can click on the picture to make it bigger}

now, this isn't like a dream board - this is for reals. this is the look i'm going for and i'm going to do everything possible to make this happen. the color scheme, the cabinets, the counter tops, the sink, the back splash, the hardware, the bar stools. this is what i WANT! i want this to be a kitchen i can love and also afford to raise kids in.

so - what do you think?

and do you want to make a fun mood board? i'm sure i'll make some that are more on the "dream board" side, and here's where i'm keep going. seriously - check it out and have fun!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

random thoughts

i'm in the house again today. yesterday my baby was sick. really sick. like 5 hour nap sick. and working on a 3 hour nap as we speak. so, i'm in the house again today. and being in the house for two days has me random.

sorry for the confusion. this is where i am.

this is where i live.
sort of.

not this farm, but in this city. beautiful lexington. i grew up here and plan to stay for a long time. it doesn't look like this outside right now, but looking at these pictures makes me so grateful to live in this beautiful city. you can drive 15 miles and see something like this.

i'm thankful for that.

this is my little bro and his lovely lady. (soon to be wifey)

and this is the dress i get to wear in their wedding three months from now! i really love it.

but, this pictures also demonstrates why i have stuck with P90X all week and will continue to stick with it. i don't want to do this pose anymore. i want to have nice looking arms while they are by my side. i want the skinny arm pose to be unnecessary.

while baby girl was napping yesterday, i hung out with bernice.

yes, that is a blanket. but not for C. we have friends living in bangkok, and natalie paige will be arriving ANY DAY!

so, this will be the first blanket i gift to someone.

even though my baby slept most of the day yesterday (and possibly today), my first kid kept me company. i think he sometimes misses being the only child.


i cleaned my house last night. (fun friday night, huh?) today, while my baby is sleeping i should be doing laundry. but...there is a plumber here right now. so our water is off. so no laundry. so that means a random blog entry. and watching dvr'd shows. and it's raining. i'm tired...

hope you weren't too confused!