Monday, March 21, 2011

pretty little lady

well, i did it! i can mark another project off my sewing list. and i'm pretty exited about this one.

one of the reasons i wanted to learn how to sew was because i wanted to make cute clothes for C. i could get carried away buying stuff for her, so when i started learning the basics of sewing, i couldn't stop thinking about making her something.

so, i made her a skirt! and i love it, i mean LOVE it.

and it was easy. i didn't follow a tutorial, so i don't have anywhere to send you. i might make one (i bought more fabric today for another skirt), but i'm so new at sewing, i might embarrass myself...

i can't help it. she just looks so cute! my pretty little lady.

tomorrow i'm starting on my mom's tote bag. hopefully i'll be able to share that next!


  1. nice work! It's super cute!!! (Maybe that's cause it's on such a sweet little girl!) :)