Thursday, March 10, 2011

summer plans

i'm about to do what the rest of the world is doing (if you live somewhere with cold weather). wish for summer! dream and think about all the wonderful things i already have planned and browse the internet for pictures that help make my daydreams seem more realistic.

as i've mentioned before, we bought a house last may that over time would need a lot of love and tlc from us. we have done a lot of painting and sprucing here and there, but no huge changes. well, as i think about my summer, renovating our kitchen is at the top of my list. and as the hubs thinks about electrical and cabinet placement and budget stuff, i think about colors and hardware and design stuff!

so today i found a cool website for putting together a kitchen mood board. i'm addicted. hooked. this is like my thang. this website is amazing, so easy to use and once you add things from their archives, you can find the store that sells them. so awesome. i mean really, where have i been? how have i missed this??

so, here's my board
{you can click on the picture to make it bigger}

now, this isn't like a dream board - this is for reals. this is the look i'm going for and i'm going to do everything possible to make this happen. the color scheme, the cabinets, the counter tops, the sink, the back splash, the hardware, the bar stools. this is what i WANT! i want this to be a kitchen i can love and also afford to raise kids in.

so - what do you think?

and do you want to make a fun mood board? i'm sure i'll make some that are more on the "dream board" side, and here's where i'm keep going. seriously - check it out and have fun!


  1. I love it! And there is green in it - your fave! Can't wait to see how it turns out.

  2. where do you find this stuff??? you are still the coolest girl I know :)