Thursday, March 17, 2011

a list of crafts

this is mostly for me, but since i haven't blogged in a few days, i thought i would share.

things i want to craft:

- alphabet art for C's room - i randomly saw a cute and very easy tutorial on the mother huddle that i'm going to do. i feel like it's time for some art she can learn from.

- another tote bag - i made this one a couple of weeks ago. it turned out way better than i expected, so i've gained some confidence.

i want to try to make this one next. hopefully for my mom before she leaves on vacation.

- a tu-tu - my baby gets to be a flower girl in my little brothers wedding! the bride would like them in tu-tu's. i don't think it will be hard. i'm actually going to work on this before the weekend.

- a skirt - for some reason i'm obsessing over making a skirt for C. i've never made one. i really don't have a tutorial to follow, but i think i can come up with something simple.

- hair clips - i made this last night.

i want to make more! so many possibilities and i already had all the supplies so it was free!

i think this is pretty good for now. i'm so excited about all of them i have some weird/crazy idea that i'll be able to do them all in the next day or two. hahahaha! i work full-time and then "mom" full-time once my 9-5 is over. this might be a little ambitious. =)

i'll keep you posted!

ps - i added a new page on my blog. not a big deal really, but check my 'about me' section if you're interested!

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