Monday, February 11, 2013

moments to remember

i feel like i have already started the "nesting" portion of this pregnancy.  is that possible at 24 weeks?  well, maybe not full blown nesting, but i'm definitely thinking a lot of this baby and trying to get things ready for her.  i'm a slow and steady kind of prepper.  i don't like last minute stuff.  i hate feeling rushed.  so, i start now.  so i can take my time.  i'm weird...

but, in the midst of getting ready for baby girl #2, i want to remember special moments with C.  the just of the 2 of us moments.  i am so thankful for these past 3 years of just her.  and while we are all super excited to give her a little sister, i also want to remember the moments when it was just her.

this past friday night we made plans to go to a basketball game at daddy's school.  C loves going up to shaun's school.  the excitement of cheerleaders and all the older kids just gets her giddy.  but, when daddy came home from school he went straight to bed.  sick.  achy and tired and just not feeling good.  so, when C woke up from her nap ready to go to daddy's school, i knew i would have to think of something else special for us to do.  so, i gave her two choices.  go to the bookstore (joseph beth for you locals) or make heart shaped cookies.  she barely had to think about it.  make heart shape cookies.  we kind of love to bake together.

so, we pulled a chair over for her and got to mixing.  she knows how to lock and start the mixer.  and even though i let her put everything in every time, she still asks.  "can i pour that in?"  she asks what everything is and always says "mmm.  i like better the best.  it smells good."  hahaha!  my little baker.  i love that we can do this together.

very focused with the cookie cutter.  i love how she's holding her left hand in this second picture.

after the cookies came out of the oven and cooled, we made icing.  it was just plain vanilla icing that we made pink.  she loved watching the icing turn from white to pink with one drop of red food coloring!  the little things.... =)

time to decorate!!  

did you notice her design choice?  i just let her do whatever she wanted.  and in the end, every cookie had red sprinkles and 3 red hots on one side.  i'm not sure why, but this really impressed me.  

the finished product!

and sharing with a tired daddy.  we decided we were making the cookies to make daddy feel better.  i think it worked.  after lots of rest and lots of cookies, daddy was good by sunday.  =)

we have lots of moments like this.  she always wants to help and be my little shadow.  but especially, right now, i want to remember and cherish these moments even more.  not much longer will we be a family of 3.  and i get a little sad about that.  but, i know things will only get better.  the end of one chapter and on to another!

have a good monday friends!