Thursday, December 29, 2011

christmas time - 2011

alright - i have got to get a blog in about our christmas before the new year!  i'm always tired after holidays, and think i'll blog about things soon, and then it never happens.  like thanksgiving.  we had a great thanksgiving and it was the first one at my house.  but did i blog about it?  nope.  time got away from me and then christmas was here and blogging about thanksgiving felt weird.

soooo, after all that whining, i'll get on with it.

we had a wonderful christmas this year!  lots of time with a lot of family.

that's the infamous uncle tom on the far left there.  we call that pose, the totem pole...=)

this was the first leg of our trip.  the beginning of  6 days of traveling.  and we always get a lot of random goodies here.  perfect for some interesting pictures...

does C have the coolest uncle, or what?

little diva!

this is a picture i will cherish.  i'm going to make it black and white to add to our photo wall in our kitchen.  C and i are so blessed to have such wonderful family around us.  4 generations and still going strong!

i'm good at getting pictures with my family.  not so much with shaun's.  i hate that.  i'm sorry for that.  it's probably because my mom is always asking "did you bring your camera?"  shaun's family is never asking that...  i guess it's their fault then...;)

one of the most important parts of christmas since we've had C is being very intentional about celebrating the real meaning of christmas.  we were home again this christmas morning.  just the 3 of us, at first.  we woke up, started some new family traditions, and took it slow.  we read from luke 2, then read a children's book about baby Jesus' birth.  we watched the excitement in our little girls face as she got her presents, and started the tradition of only giving her 3.  Jesus got three presents, so that's what our kids will receive too.  from us at least.  this includes 1 big one. 

i KNEW she would love it.  i couldn't wait to give it to her.  and i'm so glad i got to capture the moment!

after our little family time, my mom, brother and sis-in-law came over.  i love having christmas at our house, and i love that my little bro is a chef!  that french toast pictured below was amazing!!!

he added a little orange juice to the egg batter (only because we forget to zest the oranges).  it made it so sweet and yummy!

even kona got some good treats!

we ended the night at my dad and stepmom's house. 

my dad always loves to play christmas carols on christmas.  sing-a-longs are encouraged and it always starts the conversations of a family band.

C got to play along this year!  a little guitar just her size. oh sorry dad - not guitar, ukulele... =)

the day ended well!  lots of family time, lots of food, laughs and fun.  last year i was sick on christmas.  this year i am so thankful we were all healthy and happy and safe.

the night ended with lounging in front of the fire. 

kona stole my spot though.  whatevs....

hope you and yours had a safe and merry christmas out there!

now on to 2012! 

are you ready for it??

Friday, December 23, 2011

another InstaFriday - don't judge....

no fooling you guys!  you knew i wouldn't be back before this friday.  i don't know who i was kidding.  we left town on saturday and just got back yesterday.  no time to blog until now.

but it's still friday, so you know what that means.  yep - my new favorite.  InstaFriday!!  =)

this is under our tree.  i love this wrapping paper.  and i love all my red bows!

C and ma-maw.  i love this picture.  we had a great time visiting and spending an early christmas together.

our little diva.  the tutu is normal these days.  the shoes are a new addition.  and she actually gets around in them pretty well.  it's just a little scary....;)

our little rudolph!

i originally took this picture b/c i loved the cozy fire shaun had just made.  but then, when i looked at it, shaun reminded me a cave man.  so stoic.  so proud of the fire he made!  man make fire - good.  =)

C perfecting her tower building skills.

after 6 days of traveling, this little girl was still smiling.  our car was jam packed!  seriously.  we had a great trip and loved seeing our family, but it felt sooooo good to be driving home.

the end of my christmas crafting - and this one is my favorite.  might be remaking one like it in the future for myself.  

we had a little family movie night tonight and this little girl was comfy.  i love our little family.  and i love the connection these two have. 

happy christmas eve eve friends!  

Friday, December 16, 2011


i know it's probably lame, but i'm taking the easy route again and linking up with jeanette @ life rearranged.  

i hate that it's been 2 fridays since i've blogged, but this is such an easy way to update and such a busy time of year.  i use my phone for taking pictures most of the time anyway, and instagram makes everything look more fun!

so, here's my InstaFriday...

a couple of weeks ago, shaun and i got the opportunity to pack some meals for kids in haiti.  our church's goal was to pack 1 million meals for kids.  in 4 days, we packed 1.8!  it was such a fun night with great fellowship.  and see those sweet hats and hairnets people are wearing in the background?

oh yeah...

cute, huh?  it was great night!

this is the christmas cactus on my desk.  i've had this little lady for 4 years.  i always forget how pretty she is.  especially when i have crazy stacks on my desk....

i painted C's nails for the first time.  she loved it.  and she seemed like such a big girl.  until i she put her hand up to mine.  still my little girl...

trying to show off her nails.  kind of a hard concept, but still a cutie.

we had our "friend christmas" dinner last friday.  of course, i didn't get any pictures of the kids or my friends, but i did get my cupcakes snapped.  have you ever had sprinkles cupcakes?  this cream cheese frosting is their recipe and it's amazing!  trust me.  it's awesome.

on monday, my cousin and her husband brought their baby over for dinner.  again, i didn't get any pictures of them (fail), but i did photograph the food.  i love this chicken soup.  so much flavor and it's so nice to make a good crock-pot dinner so it's hot and ready whenever your guests arrive without you stressing in the kitchen.  and better than the food, was the company.  my cuz lives in colorado, so it's always such a treat to see her.  and her little georgia is such a sweetie.  she got a very special christmas present.

i made little georgia a blanket.  i hope she stays nice and cozy with it out in CO.

continuing with a crafty christmas, this is a little gift i'm passing on to my sis-in-law next week.

so, we are hitting the road.  off to celebrate christmas with our families!

have a good weekend friends.  hopefully i'll be back before next friday!  =)

Friday, December 2, 2011


this always happens.  i never mean for this much time to go by without blogging, but life happens.  i get busy.  i get tired, and i get distracted. 

but i'm not feeling guilty.  i'm just going to overload you with pictures!

i'm linking up with jeanette @ life rearranged.  she does instafriday every week.  these are pictures from my favorite everyday moments.  pictures that i snap with my iphone, because its what i have handy and i don't want to forget.  pictures that have been edited with instagram and now shared with blog land.  i love this concept.  it's easy and fun!

this is the saturday before thanksgiving.  i can't tell you how thankful i was to be in my warm house, watching the fire and enjoying the coziness of our living room.  and, for a hubs who makes a pretty great fire.

my shopping cart after everything for thanksgiving dinner was checked off my list.  i was seriously putting my whole body into turning this thing...

time to celebrate with family!  C loved making hand turkey's this year.

we went downtown and enjoyed the outdoor skating rink.  shaun and our nephew jackson were the only one's brave enough to do it.  they skated like pros!  love this picture - the boys, the giant tree, and you can see the victorian square building in the back ground.  looks so fun!

 the girls snuggled together and enjoyed the atmosphere

the night before everyone headed home, we roasted marshmallows and made s'mores. 

C wasn't really into the s'mores, but she LOVED the big marshmallows.

this is the first year that C was old enough to help us decorate the christmas tree.  she had so much fun!  i had to rearrange some of her ornaments after she went to bed though...;)

first day back to daycare, after 6 days at home with me, this happens.  fell and hit her head on metal steps.  she was a trooper though.  no stiches, just a lot of purple glue.  she was so brave...

a night of peace.  C was in bed, the hubs was downstairs watching football, and i watched you've got mail from beginning to end with christmas tree lights.  love that movie and our tree.

i'm getting crafty this christmas.  starting projects now so that i can work out the kinks and get everything done!

there you go!  camera phone overload of what's been going on lately.  i've got pictures from our fun thanksgiving, but they are on my real camera.  i'll post more soon.

have a good weekend friends!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

mirror, mirror on the wall

i have a few little DIY projects for the kitchen walls that i've been working on and wanted to share.

and yes - one of them is a mirror.

i found this gold mirror at my grandmothers a few months back.  she is a gold mine for old stuff in good condition.  and if it's upstairs, it's probably fair game.

so, i brought it home and thought through where the best place for it would be.  once i figured out the best place, i would be able to figure out what color i wanted to spray it.

i finally decided on the kitchen.  the only wall that has anything on it is the wall of photos.  the walls are kind of lacking in decor. 

here's what the mirror looked like when i found it.

i forgot to take a picture with the mirror in it...

and here she is with a fresh coat of paint

awesome huh?  well, not picture of me, but the mirror it's self.  i love stuff like this!  and i love the transformation just a simple coat of spray paint can accomplish!

the back door is pretty much directly across from the mirror and it's the door we use all the time.  the mirror is in the perfect spot for a last minute hair check.  =)

i also wanted to add something to another wall in the kitchen.

this one.  the one to the right of the window.

i don't really have a lot of the blue i've used through out the kitchen on this side of the room.  the blue of that little table.

the other day i was at target and ran across these plates.

.89 cents for the big ones, .78 cents for the little ones.  i kind of fell in love with them.  had to have them. but i didn't want them to just sit in a cabinet...

so, i decided to hang them.  bring in my blue, and now i would get to look at these awesome plates all the time.

so, a little DIY was in order.

i had the hubs pic up some little ring hangers for pictures at home depot.  then, we gorrilla glued them to the back of the plates.

24 hours later, the glue had had plenty of time to dry and they were ready to hang.

i love them!  simple, cheap and i think they look great.  just what i was looking for!

that's it!  just a little spruce up for the kitchen walls.

on a side note, i've been feeling a craft urge lately.  hopefully i'll have some cute stuff to share soon.

have a good monday friends!