Friday, December 23, 2011

another InstaFriday - don't judge....

no fooling you guys!  you knew i wouldn't be back before this friday.  i don't know who i was kidding.  we left town on saturday and just got back yesterday.  no time to blog until now.

but it's still friday, so you know what that means.  yep - my new favorite.  InstaFriday!!  =)

this is under our tree.  i love this wrapping paper.  and i love all my red bows!

C and ma-maw.  i love this picture.  we had a great time visiting and spending an early christmas together.

our little diva.  the tutu is normal these days.  the shoes are a new addition.  and she actually gets around in them pretty well.  it's just a little scary....;)

our little rudolph!

i originally took this picture b/c i loved the cozy fire shaun had just made.  but then, when i looked at it, shaun reminded me a cave man.  so stoic.  so proud of the fire he made!  man make fire - good.  =)

C perfecting her tower building skills.

after 6 days of traveling, this little girl was still smiling.  our car was jam packed!  seriously.  we had a great trip and loved seeing our family, but it felt sooooo good to be driving home.

the end of my christmas crafting - and this one is my favorite.  might be remaking one like it in the future for myself.  

we had a little family movie night tonight and this little girl was comfy.  i love our little family.  and i love the connection these two have. 

happy christmas eve eve friends!  

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