Friday, December 16, 2011


i know it's probably lame, but i'm taking the easy route again and linking up with jeanette @ life rearranged.  

i hate that it's been 2 fridays since i've blogged, but this is such an easy way to update and such a busy time of year.  i use my phone for taking pictures most of the time anyway, and instagram makes everything look more fun!

so, here's my InstaFriday...

a couple of weeks ago, shaun and i got the opportunity to pack some meals for kids in haiti.  our church's goal was to pack 1 million meals for kids.  in 4 days, we packed 1.8!  it was such a fun night with great fellowship.  and see those sweet hats and hairnets people are wearing in the background?

oh yeah...

cute, huh?  it was great night!

this is the christmas cactus on my desk.  i've had this little lady for 4 years.  i always forget how pretty she is.  especially when i have crazy stacks on my desk....

i painted C's nails for the first time.  she loved it.  and she seemed like such a big girl.  until i she put her hand up to mine.  still my little girl...

trying to show off her nails.  kind of a hard concept, but still a cutie.

we had our "friend christmas" dinner last friday.  of course, i didn't get any pictures of the kids or my friends, but i did get my cupcakes snapped.  have you ever had sprinkles cupcakes?  this cream cheese frosting is their recipe and it's amazing!  trust me.  it's awesome.

on monday, my cousin and her husband brought their baby over for dinner.  again, i didn't get any pictures of them (fail), but i did photograph the food.  i love this chicken soup.  so much flavor and it's so nice to make a good crock-pot dinner so it's hot and ready whenever your guests arrive without you stressing in the kitchen.  and better than the food, was the company.  my cuz lives in colorado, so it's always such a treat to see her.  and her little georgia is such a sweetie.  she got a very special christmas present.

i made little georgia a blanket.  i hope she stays nice and cozy with it out in CO.

continuing with a crafty christmas, this is a little gift i'm passing on to my sis-in-law next week.

so, we are hitting the road.  off to celebrate christmas with our families!

have a good weekend friends.  hopefully i'll be back before next friday!  =)

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