Friday, December 2, 2011


this always happens.  i never mean for this much time to go by without blogging, but life happens.  i get busy.  i get tired, and i get distracted. 

but i'm not feeling guilty.  i'm just going to overload you with pictures!

i'm linking up with jeanette @ life rearranged.  she does instafriday every week.  these are pictures from my favorite everyday moments.  pictures that i snap with my iphone, because its what i have handy and i don't want to forget.  pictures that have been edited with instagram and now shared with blog land.  i love this concept.  it's easy and fun!

this is the saturday before thanksgiving.  i can't tell you how thankful i was to be in my warm house, watching the fire and enjoying the coziness of our living room.  and, for a hubs who makes a pretty great fire.

my shopping cart after everything for thanksgiving dinner was checked off my list.  i was seriously putting my whole body into turning this thing...

time to celebrate with family!  C loved making hand turkey's this year.

we went downtown and enjoyed the outdoor skating rink.  shaun and our nephew jackson were the only one's brave enough to do it.  they skated like pros!  love this picture - the boys, the giant tree, and you can see the victorian square building in the back ground.  looks so fun!

 the girls snuggled together and enjoyed the atmosphere

the night before everyone headed home, we roasted marshmallows and made s'mores. 

C wasn't really into the s'mores, but she LOVED the big marshmallows.

this is the first year that C was old enough to help us decorate the christmas tree.  she had so much fun!  i had to rearrange some of her ornaments after she went to bed though...;)

first day back to daycare, after 6 days at home with me, this happens.  fell and hit her head on metal steps.  she was a trooper though.  no stiches, just a lot of purple glue.  she was so brave...

a night of peace.  C was in bed, the hubs was downstairs watching football, and i watched you've got mail from beginning to end with christmas tree lights.  love that movie and our tree.

i'm getting crafty this christmas.  starting projects now so that i can work out the kinks and get everything done!

there you go!  camera phone overload of what's been going on lately.  i've got pictures from our fun thanksgiving, but they are on my real camera.  i'll post more soon.

have a good weekend friends!


  1. you make me want to start a blog, just so i will be motivated to be as crafty and as good of a mom as you! you are awesome! you kind of make me tired. love you!

  2. and p.s.

    caroline's smile is precious.