Wednesday, April 14, 2010

blogland slowdown

i've been noticing lately that a lot of the ladies that i follow in blogland have been more and more infrequent with their posts. does it have something to do with the fact that it looks like this outside??

(our front porch and the tulips i finally got planted last september)

i know i've been lacking in my posts. surprisingly (i guess i'm surprised people have noticed), i've had a couple of people ask me why i haven't posted in awhile. i'm still here, don't you worry. i'm just busy.

here's the thing. i sell john deere tractors. that's right. tractors. i know that some of you are saying "huh?", but lately it's true. i work for a company that gives discounts on john deere equipment to people in the equestrian world. now, most of the year my work consists of creating spreadsheets and analyzing reports for our accounting department. every once in awhile i'll make a coupon for a member who is purchasing some equipment. but in the spring, things here explode! every farmer and horse trainer and cowboy and farrier and vet wants to buy a new lawnmower or tractor. and so they need a coupon. and so they come to me. and my coupon creation volume goes from about 10 coupons a week to 100 coupons a week. i'm on my computer making coupons all day. honestly, i don't really have time to do what i'm doing right now.

so, by the end of my work day, i don't want to get back on the computer. i either want to hold my baby, or take a walk outside, or just be with shaun. i'm still reading blogs (when i can). i've been baking and cooking more with some great recipes i've been finding on blogs. i just haven't had the energy to put into my own blog lately.

know that i still love you blog friends (fran). and i will try to do better. besides being tired and wanting to be outside with my family, i have also thought that nothing has seemed blog worthy lately.

we will be working in our backyard soon with building a small landscape wall and planting flowers. maybe i'll blog about that.

or i'm going to try to etch some glass here soon. i saw it on an HGTV show just recently, and then rachel posted a great martha stewart tutorial. maybe i'll blog about that.

or maybe i'll take pictures of my sweet baby next to flowers. i could post those.

who knows. i need to go make coupons....