Thursday, October 28, 2010

christmas cards from shutterfly

i'm crazy about stationary. i love cards, of all kind. thank you notes, birthday cards, christmas cards, you name it. so, i'm already thinking about christmas cards. i can't help it, i love stationary!

and then yesterday a co-worker sent me this:

"If you have a website or a blog get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly"

huh? what? i'm in!

every year shaun and i take pictures and put them in our christmas cards. we usually just buy cute cards and then slip the picture it in, but i have always drooled and dreamed about beautiful cards from a place like shutterfly. but it's christmas, and we love buying gifts, so i save money. but this year will be different!

i've already looked through all their card choices and chosen my favorite 3. when looking through the cards i had a few things i was specifically looking for. the card had to say christmas, not happy holidays. i wanted a fairly simple design so the picture or pictures would be the main focus. and i want the card to be christmas colors. to me that is mostly reds and greens.

ok, here are my top 3:


simple design and i love the rustic look. and i like a big picture for the family and then small sides pictures for kids.


i know, it's got more than the "traditional" christmas colors in it, but i really love that MERRY is at the top.


i love the simplicity of this one. and i'm a big fan of monograms, so i get excited to see a C on that ribbon.

so, which one should i choose?

what are some of your favorites? check out shutterfly
{here} for all their cute options for christmas cards. or, check them out {here} for other cute ideas like calendars.

and if you're a blogger and interested in receiving
50 FREE HOLIDAY CARDS from Shutterfly, click {here} and find out how.

thanks Shutterfly!

*click on pictures to go to the exact card on shutterfly's website*

Monday, October 25, 2010

my little pumpkin

this past weekend it was "fall", but it was hot! dang. i'm not one to wish away the seasons, but why can't it be a little chilly?

we went out to a local pumpkin patch. we had made plans to go a few weeks ago but decided to postpone it because it was 85 degrees outside! well, this past weekend it was 75. better, i guess.

she kept talking to these little goats calling them "buddy!" that's what we call kona.

and a few cute pics of the bestikids

and a successful picture of us both looking at the camera and smiling! not at the pumpkin patch, but i just wanted to share.

happy fall everyone!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

embarrassing = funny

i'm thinking about starting an embarrassing=funny section of my blog. originally i wanted this blog to be full or crafts and recipes i have tried, but i'm beginning to realize that its kind of hard to take pictures of everything i bake. but i was thinking, "i do embarrassing things all the time." so, i think i'll start sharing the funny ones.

this one is for cami.

yesterday as i was walking out of the gym a guy around my age was walking in. when i saw him i thought "hey, there's brad!" but then i thought "wonder why brad's here. must be using kevin's guest pass." and then i thought "why the heck is brad in lexington?"

finally i realized it wasn't brad, but some guy that looked JUST like brad.

then the "brad look-a-like" smiled at me, held the open the door and said, "hey"

then i realized i hadn't taken my eyes off of him during this whole conversation i had just had in my head. literally. never. stopped. staring. at. him.

i was so sure he was brad.

now i'm embarrassed.

but i wish it had been brad b/c that means that cami would be here too. and it means that i wouldn't have been "checking out" some random dude about to go work-out.

sorry dude. i thought you were someone else.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

family pictures

i had a friend take some pictures of our little family after C's 1st birthday. i'm really, REALLY pleased with them and wanted to share.


if you like her work, check her out. she's awesome and VERY patient.