Thursday, October 28, 2010

christmas cards from shutterfly

i'm crazy about stationary. i love cards, of all kind. thank you notes, birthday cards, christmas cards, you name it. so, i'm already thinking about christmas cards. i can't help it, i love stationary!

and then yesterday a co-worker sent me this:

"If you have a website or a blog get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly"

huh? what? i'm in!

every year shaun and i take pictures and put them in our christmas cards. we usually just buy cute cards and then slip the picture it in, but i have always drooled and dreamed about beautiful cards from a place like shutterfly. but it's christmas, and we love buying gifts, so i save money. but this year will be different!

i've already looked through all their card choices and chosen my favorite 3. when looking through the cards i had a few things i was specifically looking for. the card had to say christmas, not happy holidays. i wanted a fairly simple design so the picture or pictures would be the main focus. and i want the card to be christmas colors. to me that is mostly reds and greens.

ok, here are my top 3:


simple design and i love the rustic look. and i like a big picture for the family and then small sides pictures for kids.


i know, it's got more than the "traditional" christmas colors in it, but i really love that MERRY is at the top.


i love the simplicity of this one. and i'm a big fan of monograms, so i get excited to see a C on that ribbon.

so, which one should i choose?

what are some of your favorites? check out shutterfly
{here} for all their cute options for christmas cards. or, check them out {here} for other cute ideas like calendars.

and if you're a blogger and interested in receiving
50 FREE HOLIDAY CARDS from Shutterfly, click {here} and find out how.

thanks Shutterfly!

*click on pictures to go to the exact card on shutterfly's website*


  1. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing - I might do this too!

  2. i like them all...but i am a fan of #2!