Saturday, October 23, 2010

embarrassing = funny

i'm thinking about starting an embarrassing=funny section of my blog. originally i wanted this blog to be full or crafts and recipes i have tried, but i'm beginning to realize that its kind of hard to take pictures of everything i bake. but i was thinking, "i do embarrassing things all the time." so, i think i'll start sharing the funny ones.

this one is for cami.

yesterday as i was walking out of the gym a guy around my age was walking in. when i saw him i thought "hey, there's brad!" but then i thought "wonder why brad's here. must be using kevin's guest pass." and then i thought "why the heck is brad in lexington?"

finally i realized it wasn't brad, but some guy that looked JUST like brad.

then the "brad look-a-like" smiled at me, held the open the door and said, "hey"

then i realized i hadn't taken my eyes off of him during this whole conversation i had just had in my head. literally. never. stopped. staring. at. him.

i was so sure he was brad.

now i'm embarrassed.

but i wish it had been brad b/c that means that cami would be here too. and it means that i wouldn't have been "checking out" some random dude about to go work-out.

sorry dude. i thought you were someone else.


  1. so funny!!! i miss you, and oh, i love your always have been the coolest girl i know...from the first time i saw your huge flare mudd jeans and hemp necklaces, to now the cool blogging mom! i want to be like jade! love you!

  2. Babe...while I appreciate your desire to go to the gym and be healthy, I don't appreciate you taking that time to stare at other guys and check them out! I do appreciate the fact that you don't wear huge flare mudd jeans and hemp necklaces anymore though. Did you really do that? I don't have any room to talk. I wore 8 year old brown shoes on our first date...