Monday, May 17, 2010

jade's house

oh man. i've apologized for this before, and i'll do it again. sorry for being such a bad blogger. i've been reading blogs and keeping up with others, but again not keeping up with my own. but i decided to just dive back in. i've had two people in the last 24 hours ask if i've updated my blog lately. ok - i'm back - here goes.

so, jade's house. have you ever seen that show on HGTV called Sarah's House? it's so good! i'm kind of obsessed with it. well, if you haven't seen it, basically sarah bought a house in the country and totally gutted it. now, we get to see her decorate the whole house, room by room. it's so fun. i LOVE her design ideas. i love the country modern look she is giving this house. and, although her budget is crazy amazing (like $20,000 per room) she still gives practical and cost efficient ideas for everyday people.

well guess what? we bought a house! yep - we bought a house. part of the reason why i haven't been blogging lately. i've kind of been holding out so that i could share house stuff with you. and, i didn't really want to talk too much about the house until it was officially ours. i didn't want to get too excited and then it not go through. anyone out there who gets excited about decorating projects can agree i'm sure. so, we bought a house.

it's a great 1950's brick in a wonderful neighborhood. very close to the neighborhood i grew up in. shaun and i have been watching houses in this part of town and when this one popped up, we couldn't let it go. it's 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. a full finished basement and 2 fireplaces. the upstairs is all hardwood and we have a BIG covered back porch with a swing! this place has great potential. but, it also has original 1950's appliances and hardware. a tiny kitchen. a bathroom with brown (almost mauve) tile, and old doors. but we see the possibilities. we want to stay here a long time and we want to take our time and make this place our own.

so, we have started painting. next we are tearing down the wall the separates the kitchen and dining room. then we are gutting the kitchen. completely. then, well i don't know what will happen then, but we will keep going. for years, i'm sure.

but i am going to update you all when i can. i've taken a before picture of every room and i'm now going to blog about Jade's House. we move in on saturday. i'll start before and after pictures then.

i know this isn't the best picture, but it's the only one i have of the outside right now.

this is our new place. hope you enjoy the journey with us!