Thursday, January 27, 2011

a little re-arranging

i realized that i blogged a while back about some re-arranging in C's room, but then never showed you the after product. well, even though you've probably forgotten about it, i thought i would show you anyway.

so, like i mentioned before, we moved C's room around and had a blank wall. i decided to get a picture shelf from IKEA and i also found some cute bird decals from etsy.

the shelf has the print that has always been in her room. i've also got a little plan to make a canvas with her name on it. i'll probably add that in once it's finished.

i also added a little coat rack that i used in C's nursery in our old house. i think it serves as a perfect little perch for the cute little birds.

and this was one of my favorite christmas presents. i'm really not in to collecting things, but when i saw this willow tree figurine it seemed so perfect. i put it in C's room because i'm in here so much and i really love what this statue is representing. and the picture is one of my favorite pictures from our wedding. i added it to the shelf because i want our baby to know that we are just as in love today as we were on july 21st, 2006.

so, there it is. the first wall you see when you walk in her room. i really love it. and the $5 decals really make it for me.

in other news - i picked out a color for the bathroom wall. it's called summit gray from sherwin williams.

what do you think baby girl?

umm...good - i'll hopefully get it painted this weekend....

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

update from the weekend

man - i have one hard working husband! have you ever tiled a floor? me either - and this was my husbands first attempt. i am impressed. like super duper impressed. like "look what my husband can do!" impressed.

i can't wait to show the final product and write a real before and after blog. you all really don't even know how bad it was when we started.

also in the update category, my baby is ready for the beach! i mentioned before that we just made plans last week to go on a spring break trip. well, the bathing suit i bought her last fall, with fingers crossed that it would fit this summer, fits! she looks so big in these (bad quality) pictures and i can't wait to take her back to the beach. i know this time will be so different and she will have a blast!

and last - i have my first sewing lesson this weekend. the place we bought my sewing machine gives you 1 free class to learn how to use your machine. THANK GOODNESS! it's just been sitting there, taunting me, b/c i don't even know what a bobbin is! one of my first projects -- curtain for bathroom window!

wish me luck!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

lately i've...

been a bad blogger.

finally recovered from bronchitis, upper respiratory infection and sinus infection that hit a week before christmas. (3 doctors visits, 2 rounds of antibiotics and 1 AMAZING husband finally got me through it.)

bought a sewing machine and haven't moved it b/c i don't know how to use it

decided (with the hubs) to do some reno work to our 50's bathroom

decided to tear down the tile walls in said bathroom

decided against tearing down tile in fear of wiring behind tile

bought a new AMAZING shower curtain

watched my husband tear up our ugly bathroom tile floor

watched my husband fight with cement board in our old bathroom

picked out new tile for floor

picked out a new vanity and mirror

attempted to pick out a new wall color for our bathroom, in the gray family

found, bought and got an amazing deal on new faucet for new vanity on amazon (we got it for $55 - i'll let you know if it's sketch)

picked out another new vanity and mirror and medicine cabinet

decided i might need to look into more tile b/c i'm not 100% satisfied with what i've picked out

gone to 2 birthday parties for 1-year-old babies

taught my daughter to "jump"

and made plans to go on a spring break trip to florida!

oh geez....i can't wait until April!!

see why #1 is REALLY true?

here's the bath in progress. i promise to do a big post on the final product!