Thursday, October 11, 2012

right now i am...

i have a blogger block.  i want to blog, but haven't had much to blog about.  then i remembered when i did a "right now i am...." blog back in may.  so today, i'm going to try to break by block and blog about my random happenings right now.

right now i am.....

watching: well, nothing at the moment.  but, i caught up on Parenthood last night.  man, i love and hate that show at the same time!  do you watch it?  you should.  real life stuff.  i'm always crying at the end...

drinking: water.  always trying to drink more water.

wearing: my red jeans!  i love them.  they are kind of a big step for me, but i'm rocking them as much as i can.  it funny how much goes with red jeans.  who would have thought?
 this pic is from my birthday.  but red pants make any day seem extra special. 

eating:  nothing at the moment.  but i was looking on pinterest yesterday, specifically at food (?), and i pinned a few recipes i can't wait to make!  i love to bake, but especially in the fall.  these, and this, and this are all things i want to make really really soon.

listening:  right now, i'm listening to my space heater.  i'm freezing!  felt like 29 degrees here this morning!  

avoiding: really cleaning my house.  i do little things here and there, but i'm totally avoiding a big clean.

wishing: it would warm up just a little.  and maybe just tomorrow.  we have our family pictures, and i'm not super excited about 50 degrees at 11am.

feeling: thankful.  blessed.

missing:  my healthy girl.  i know there are a lot of sick kiddo's out there, so i really shouldn't complain about C just having a cold.  but my poor girl has not been herself.  the first few days she was snuggly and tired.  then the coughing hit and she couldn't sleep.  and neither could i.  so we all got cranky.  last night was better.  i'm ready for my girl for feel better.

thankful: for the amazing women i have in my life.  i can't tell you how blessed i am.  with new friends and old friends.  my life is so full right now.  and i'm really, really thankful.

craving: good food.  like i don't have to cook it, yummy amazing food that you don't get very often.  i texted this to the hubs yesterday (after looking at food on pinterest yesterday)  everything sounded so good to me.  Cheesy Green Chile and Potato Chowder?  yes.  Four-cheese rigatoni?  mmmm...  Stuffed tomatoes with mushrooms, parmesan and spinach?  my stomach is groooowling... 

wondering:  what do i do with my ferns and gardenia?  it's gotten so cold so fast.  do i let them die?  i think i have a place to store my gardenia, but not my ferns.  any tips?  can i just keep them inside?

praying: for my family.  immediate family.  extended family.  my little family.  there's always a lot going on, but it seems like more than usual right now.  i always pray for them, but right now a little extra can't hurt.
needing:  a date with my hubs.  i think that's what i needed last time.  =)  soon.  i asked for one last night and he always comes through.

thinking:  about what we are going to do for thanksgiving this year.  our house again? will my brother and sis-in-law be joining us?  my mother-in-law?  i LOVED thanksgiving at our house last year.  i'm ready to plan another one!

dreaming:  about november.
lovingthat it's getting cold outside, that we have tons of fire wood and 2 wood burning fire places!  i can't believe i talked shaun into a fire last weekend.  but i did!!!!  and i loved every minute of it.

so - what are you doing right now??

have a good weekend friends!