Saturday, March 5, 2011

random thoughts

i'm in the house again today. yesterday my baby was sick. really sick. like 5 hour nap sick. and working on a 3 hour nap as we speak. so, i'm in the house again today. and being in the house for two days has me random.

sorry for the confusion. this is where i am.

this is where i live.
sort of.

not this farm, but in this city. beautiful lexington. i grew up here and plan to stay for a long time. it doesn't look like this outside right now, but looking at these pictures makes me so grateful to live in this beautiful city. you can drive 15 miles and see something like this.

i'm thankful for that.

this is my little bro and his lovely lady. (soon to be wifey)

and this is the dress i get to wear in their wedding three months from now! i really love it.

but, this pictures also demonstrates why i have stuck with P90X all week and will continue to stick with it. i don't want to do this pose anymore. i want to have nice looking arms while they are by my side. i want the skinny arm pose to be unnecessary.

while baby girl was napping yesterday, i hung out with bernice.

yes, that is a blanket. but not for C. we have friends living in bangkok, and natalie paige will be arriving ANY DAY!

so, this will be the first blanket i gift to someone.

even though my baby slept most of the day yesterday (and possibly today), my first kid kept me company. i think he sometimes misses being the only child.


i cleaned my house last night. (fun friday night, huh?) today, while my baby is sleeping i should be doing laundry. but...there is a plumber here right now. so our water is off. so no laundry. so that means a random blog entry. and watching dvr'd shows. and it's raining. i'm tired...

hope you weren't too confused!


  1. i loved this post. we know i am random, so it made me smile. :)
    hope that caroline is better!
    and how sweet that you are making a blanket for the barbees! let me know if you have any questions about sending can be tricky! :)
    love you sweet friend!

  2. Um, can I just say that you look phenomenal! I admire you for sticking with P90X... I'm working on some skinny strapless bridesmaid dress-arms myself! Good luck!

  3. Could you do some P90X for me? You look amazing!!!!