Monday, February 28, 2011

miscellany monday

i've never done this before b/c i rarely post on mondays. but i've got a few things that aren't worthy of a full post, so this is perfect.

~ 1 ~

today is my best friends 30th birthday!!! happy birthday babe. i love you a whole lot and i'm so gald you were born 30 years ago today!!

~ 2 ~

have you heard of the hipstamatic app for iphones? you probably have, but i'm just getting on board. it's pretty fun. i've just messed with it a few times, but i like it. one of the few apps i'll probably keep using.

~ 3 ~
i've been amazed by the fact that libby's blog is EVERYWHERE! well, honestly, i'm not that amazed b/c it is an amazing story and i'm so glad that people get to hear about it and how God worked through their whole journey. i guess i'm mostly just excited. some friends are running a marathon for her and raising money. i don't know much about it, only what i've read. but more info can be found here.

~ 4 ~
i made these pillows last week. just excited about them and wanted to share.

~ 5 ~

this is my baby. how did this happen? when did she get old enough to stand up at the sink and brush her teeth? when did she get teeth??

~ 6 ~
i'm on a baby blanket craze! CRAZE i tell you! i kind of can't stop. it might be an addiction.

~ 7 ~
i'm leaving for FL to go on spring break with my little fam and my best friends little fam in 30 days. hallelujah! i need it. who doesn't need it??

~ 8 ~
tonight the hubs and i are going to start P90X. can i do it? i'll admit, i'm nervous. mostly that i won't be able to commit. but, i feel pretty excited, we go!


  1. 1. LOVE the pillows!!
    2. I am freaking out at how old C is. No exaggeration.

  2. 3. My Mom drove all the way to Lexington with the sewing machine in her trunk, and made it all the way back to Morehead before she remembered.