Tuesday, February 8, 2011

happy valentine's day to me!

we have never been big on celebrating valentine's day. now that C is here, it's fun to make her wear pink and hearts, but shaun and i just don't get that into it.

but, when i saw this i knew i wanted it for our room. and since it's sweet and lovey, and valentine's day is right around the corner, this is our gift to each other.

isn't it precious? our room is red and gray, so i got the red one. and i asked for a little s+j in between the hands.

i just love it. i love the innocence of first being in love and holding hands all the time. we don't get to hold hands enough any more. most likely someone has the baby and the other is fiddling with the diaper bag or putting a hood on our baby's head. but i still remember where we were and what we were doing the first time shaun held my hand. i think this is a great v-day gift. even if i did pick it out for myself. ;)

*check out le papier studio's website. they have some super sweet stuff!

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