Sunday, February 13, 2011

my little valentine

well, i decided for my next sewing project, i would make my little valentine a little blanket.

now, again, my sewing is very beginner. i realized through this project there are more supplies and tools that i need. and i need to learn how to sew in a straight line! i just have a bad problem of getting going and then loosing focus and then trying to get back on track but making my foot go faster and then the damage is done! (did you follow that?)

but again, this is for C, and she won't notice.

i decided to put a little C on one side. my applique definitely needs work, but i thought it looked pretty decent.

i also decided to add a decorative stitch all around the edge. i LOVE my machine, and i'm finding out that she is very talented. bernice. yes - i named her. we had an instant connection.

i went ahead and gave her the present early. she hasn't felt well and has spent most of the weekend wrapped up in her new blankey on my lap. i hate when she's sick, but i love the snuggles.

she's feeling better now and wishes you all a very Happy Love Day!!


  1. Good job, girl! I'm so impressed!!!! Where'd you score that cute floral fabric?

  2.! you've got me hooked! =)