Sunday, February 27, 2011

still practicing

well - i decided i wanted to try a couple of new things for a baby blanket. satin binding and a really soft minky dot fleece fabric. i don't know why, but the fleece fabric intimidated me. it's really stretchy and that worried me. it kind of caught me up in a couple of places, but for the most part it was pretty normal.

the satin binding also worried me. i was afraid i wouldn't be able to keep it straight, or that the satin would slip around on me. well, it was WAY easier than i thought, and it covered up the small problem areas i had with the fleece.

i LOVE the way it turned out. in my stash, this pink and white viney fabric was my favorite. and i loved pairing it with this olive green. i had intentions of giving it away, but i decided to give it to C for a few reasons. 1- the stretchiness of the fleece gave me some cutting issues. the blanket turned out smaller than i intended. 2- now that i know exactly how to work the binding, the next one will be better suited for a gift. 3- i LOVE the color combo. i'll admit, i'm being a little selfish and keeping it...=)

i also saw this fun decorative stitch on my machine that matched perfectly with the pink and white fabric. i couldn't pass up putting the detail in green around the binding. i think it really adds the perfect finishing touch.

so, there you go. as shaun would say, "another blanket for C." but she actually doesn't have a single blanket with binding. when i showed shaun the finished product, he agreed that every baby needed a blanket with the satin trim. so, i have a couple mommas/babies on my list that will be getting one of these very soon! just not this one...;)

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