Monday, February 21, 2011

it was a success

in my last post, i nonchalantly mentioned that i had a feeling that the coming weekend would be super duper. well it was, IT WAS!!

about 4 months ago, i figured out what i was going to get shaun for his 30th birthday. an iPad. he has been mentioning that he wanted one before they came out! he is really into new apple gadgets. well, i figured out that if i started saving early enough i might be able to pull it off.

this past weekend his mom, step-dad, sister, niece and nephew came to visit. they all pitched in on the iPad purchase, so i wanted to let shaun open it when they were here. his birthday is still 9 days away, but this was something i knew they wouldn't want to miss.

he had no clue. NONE. that was the best part for me. the fact that the secret had been kept for so long, and that i was able to get him something he wanted so badly. it was a really fun weekend!

i was able to take a great video of him opening his present. please watch it. and have your volume up. the beginning is the best! he was so excited. it made me happy to make him so happy.

here's the video

and here are some cute pictures. kendall (the niece) wanted to have a "party" for uncle shaun. we made a cake from scratch and she did a great job decorating it. the cake, streamers and balloons were a surprise too!

happy early birthday shauny! i hope you're enjoying your iPad!! =)


  1. Bahahaha!!! Shaun's girly scream was awesome! I love that he was so excited, cracks me up.

  2. That is the best!!!!!! Good job recording that one for future laughs, Jade! Also, that cake is awesome. Whoever decorated it did great. :)

  3. Seriously!!! That scream was UH-mazing! I watched it twice and just laughed and laughed! Good work Jade!