Friday, February 18, 2011

i'm ready

i'm ready for a lot of things right now!

i'm ready for...

the weekend. PLEASE!?! i don't know what my problem has been this week, but i need the weekend.

for shaun's family to come. his mom, step-dad, sister, niece and nephew! and yep - they're all staying with us. i love that we have a basement that can accommodate family to stay with us.

baking. our oven went out a couple of weeks ago. we are planning to gut and rearrange our kitchen this summer and the oven will go in a new place once that happens. so, instead of putting the new oven where the old oven was (impossible b/c we had a wall oven and separate cook-top from 1962 and now have a range), shaun had to run all new wiring. i was very impressed. he did it all by himself and my new range is working seamlessly. the niece and nephew are going to help me bake uncle shaun a cake this weekend.

warm weather. it's slowly but surely feeling nicer and nicer here in these parts. i'm praying with everyone else in lexington that the snow is OVER! we got to take a little family walk yesterday after work. it was so nice to be outside!

a new sewing project. i've got some fabric waiting to be made into something. some i'm not sure about yet, some i haven't found the time. but i've also been cruising my favorite website and have found some new fabric that i want for projects i've never tried. we need a curtain for our newly renovated bathroom (pictures once a few last final touches are put in place). i'm thinking this fabric
using this tutorial. i also want to make an apron. i'm thinking this and this fabric

using this tutorial. (yes - i'm obsessed with darby)

hope you have a fun weekend full of things you're ready for. i have a feeling this weekend is going to be super duper fun!

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