Monday, February 7, 2011


i am very, very new with my sewing machine, but i decided to try a little applique. there are so many cute things created with a sewing machine. i always knew that once i got one, i would go crazy! i want to make caroline a blanket with a C on it. so, i decided that before i ruined a piece of fabric, i should probably give applique a try on something that i didn't mind messing up.

so - i made my baby a valentine's day onsie! it's a 12 month onsie (notice it's a little tight), so i thought that if i screwed it up it wouldn't really matter.

i'm pretty proud of it. i mean, the model is what makes it so cute, but the little heart isn't too bad.

i'm waiting for some fabric to finish C's blanket. thanks to my friend kari for passing on this great website. when i told shaun about it, he said " is the amazing secret fabric website?" it's not a secret shaun! i'm just new at this! =)

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  1. Ok, your applique is quite cute. But I have to say, the first picture; that's not a baby. That's a little girl!!!! I mean, I know I saw her just the other day, but she looks SO grown up in that picture!!!!

    ps- when I get my sewing machine, you'll have to give me a lesson :)