Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the first of many

well, as i mentioned a couple posts back, i had a little sewing machine class so i could learn how to use my christmas present. it was overwhelming! but it was great. my teacher was so nice and the fact that i got to have a one-on-one class was awesome. i learned how to thread my machine. how to thread a bobbin. ( what a bobbin even is!) i learned some fun stitches and how to change a foot. i learned so much. i got excited quickly and was ready to do something!

so - yesterday C and i headed to hobby lobby. the place i took my class has some wonderful and beautiful fabric. but i got nervous. i didn't want to buy super nice stuff and mess it up on my first attempts. so, hobby lobby was my place. still nice stuff, but prices i felt more comfortable with. i found some fabric that was on sale and bought my essentials. i went home and watched a little youtube tutorial on how to make an envelope slip cover. once C went to bed, i got to work.

ahhhh! here she is!

i couldn't believe it! i made a pillowcase. me. me!

it kind of took me awhile b/c i had some trouble with my bobbin. of course, the only part of the pillow seam that shows is the part i had to sew first and the part that looks a little wonky. but, it's my first attempt and it's the back and it's for C's room. she'll never notice.

here's a picture of the "envelope" style. i already had the pillow. i just measured accordingly to cover it's size.

i went and showed shaun and he kind of freaked out. he was so proud of me, so that made me even more proud of my creation. he insisted on a picture, so i thought i would add it too. =)

(kona is proud too i guess. and yes, i'm in the bathroom. shaun was installing the light.)

so, like i said, this is the first of many. i went to bed last night with my mind racing with ideas. there are so many possibilities and i can't wait to get better and create more!

thanks for being so encouraging shauny, and for finding me a great machine. do you want me to make you a pillow? ;)

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  1. Good work, babe! I really am proud of you. You picked it up so quickly! About the pillowcase, I think I'll pass... :)