Wednesday, March 23, 2011

it worked!!

i'm still a little surprised, but it's true. i made another tote bag! and just in time for my mom's vaca that she leaves for tomorrow morning!!!

she wanted something to carry on the plane. not too big, not too small.

i found this tutorial a couple of weeks ago and when i told her i would make her a bag, this is what i went to.

and it worked! i didn't doubt the instructions, but i seriously doubted what i was attempting. there were so many pieces. but as i started putting things together, little by little it started making sense.

and then - wah la! a tote bag for momma!!

yes, that's a pocket in there. four to be exact. and yes, that's a pocket on the outside too. one on each side actually! ;)

and i even had enough fabric left over to make a little zipper pouch. i just randomly bought a zipper the other day when i was at hobby lobby. i've never done anything with a zipper before, but knew it was a project i wanted to try. so yes, the zipper is light pink. not my first choice with the blue fabric, but it's all i had and i was on a roll!

what a great little combo for vacation. i'm totally jealous.

i'm definitely making more of these. i will change a few things next time (make the straps longer, use heavier pellon for better stability, get my straps lined up at the bottom), but over all i'm VERY pleased.

hmmm...what should i tackle next?? =)


  1. Um Hello Martha Stewart?! When can I place my order?

  2. SUPER cute! You can make anything! :)

  3. what should you tackle next? One for ME!!!

  4. i am so proud of you!!!
    these look awesome! :)