Monday, August 16, 2010

wedding bells

meet lizzie and trey

she's my cuz and one of my favorite people in the whole world

he's...growing on me...;)

they are awesome and so happy and so perfect for each other. and this weekend they are getting hitched! YEAH!!

i'm taking some time off work this week to hang out with them and help with last minute wedding details. my plan this week will consist of whatever the bride needs. and hopefully a lot of this

i hope to have some fun pictures to share next week. this will be the first wedding caroline gets to come too. her gran jan bought her a super sweet dress and i know she will look just precious.

i always have so much fun with my cousins. i only have a younger brother, so i've always been thankful and feel really feel blessed that i have these two amazing cousins that have always been like sisters to me. i'm so honored to stand up with lizzie this weekend and support her and trey as they enter into marriage.

pray for clear skies and cool summer air this week/weekend. everything is outside. a shower, the rehearsal dinner and the wedding. we don't need any mothers-of-the-bride flipping out on us! =)

have a good week blogland!

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