Thursday, September 16, 2010


yes - today is my birthday! and i LOVE my birthday. the hubs has been so great - he has given me a birthday week! it's been so wonderful and i've loved it all!

and today i decided to look at some pictures that were taken of me when i was C's age. our birthdays are only 12 days apart. it was so fun and really amazing how much she looks like me.

these 2 were of when we were both under a year and i just love them!

this is my 1st birthday 28 years ago.

and this is why i have always loved my birthday. surrounded by family and love.

thanks for all my wonderful wishes and all the birthday love.

and thank you shauny for my birthday week!


  1. Jade,
    It's amazing how much you all look alike!!!! That's so fun! And...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  2. YAY Jade! you won the give away at Lemontree! I thought, "That's my friend!!! I know her!!!" :) Congrats!!!