Wednesday, November 17, 2010

thanksgiving prep

oh man! i love love LOVE thanksgiving. i love the fact that i'm off work. i love that i get to eat crazy amounts of comfort food. i love spending time with my family. and i love that i get to decorate for christmas the next day! this year i'm super excited for a couple of reasons.

1- our family is going to gatlinburg! my mom rented a beautiful cabin in the smokey mountains and we get to spend 4 wonderful nights enjoying the mountain air, relaxing in a hot tub on the wrap-around porch, hiking, eating, playing games and just being with my family!

2- going to g-burg means 4 straight days with these wonderful people

this is my little brother and his fiance. johnathan and darcy (or as i call them, jo & darc) are getting married next may. they are both really busy, so even though we all live in lexington, we hardly get to see each other. jo is an amazing chef at a local restaurant. darc serves there a few nights a week, but also has a 9-5 job. it's always so great to hang out with them. jo and i are 6 years apart and have always gotten along great. we "get" each other.

3- speaking of jo - he always makes our thanksgiving meals. and they are always A-MAZ-ING! i can't wait to eat his food all weekend long!

4- i get to make the desserts! i love to bake. love to make pretty sweet treats, and (not to brag) i'm kind of good at it. i've been making things lately, trying to test out what i want for thanksgiving day. lately i've made:

paula dean's gingerbread pumpkin triffle

this was SUPER easy and looked beautiful just like the picture. click {here} for recipe

joy of baking's pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting

i'm not a huge pumpkin fan, so i decided to add chocolate chips. they were yummy! and the cookies were nice and soft. i'd call them a muffin-cookie. click {here} for this recipe.

tasty kitchen's oreo cheescake cookies

i have to be honest - these did not turn out as good as i thought they were going to be. still very yummy. i was just expecting more... recipe {here}

and better homes and garden's maple pumpkin cheesecake. this one came out of my better homes cook-book, but i found a scanned version of the recipe here. this cheesecake is amazing and one pumpkin dessert i really, really love. i've made it the past 3 thanksgivings.

shaun of course loves them all. and darc and my mom are big pumpkin fans too. but jo and i really aren't. so, next i'm going to try a pecan pie. pioneer woman has an amazing recipe that i want to try. i love how she titles it "pie that will make you cry". she definitely has me convinced to try it!

she also has me excited to make these - bacon onion cheddar biscuits

i know, not a dessert. but can you imagine waking up and having these for breakfast?? or even with our thanksgiving meal??

man! i'm getting hungry!

so - what are you making this thanksgiving? any amazing recipes i should try?

i'll be back soon to show you some ideas i have for the table setting. another thing i'm excited about this year!!

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