Thursday, September 3, 2009

gone green

i love green. i can't help it. every where i go i'm always drawn to green things. green books, green towels, green jewelry. you name it and i pretty much like it in green. (except green clothes - i don't really wear green) so, last night i was looking around my house and realized all the wonderful green things i had accumulated or created over the past years. everyday things that i can't live without. i've always thought to myself, "i don't want to go overboard with green" but i think i've realized that's not possible! =) green is such a WONDERFUL color. it's soothing and calming and comes in so many different shades. i have one favorite shade of green and lucky for me IKEA loves it too! many of my favorite green things have been purchased there.

so, last night i decided to capture some of my green favs and share them with you. i've never had this many pictures on my blog before, and i'm totally excited that all of them are green! can you go wrong?!?

some great green storage boxes from IKEA. right now holding all the wonderful cards and keepsakes i wanted to save regarding baby cook.

my wallet. i decided to buy this a few years ago when i realized it was time for a "big girl wallet". i was skeptical about this "big girl wallet" purchase because most that i had seen where black or brown. very "adult" like. but then this green one walked into my life. perfect!

my iPhone case. the case is a necessity. the green is a given.

a tiny green vase for tiny bouquets of flowers. given to me by my good friend kate. she knows me so well.

the nursery. one of the reasons why not finding out the sex of our baby has been so perfect for me. this baby has a lot of green. including a green room with a green polka dot diaper hanger and green and blue fish on the wall. duh.

my bible. a gift from my sweet husband this past valentine's day.

one of our bathrooms. probably my favorite room in the house because of the color scheme.

a collection of green vases i have purchased at thrift stores over the years.

my glasses. it might be hard to tell, but the entire inside is a fun shade of green.

the hubs. wearing a green shirt i no doubt picked out or purchased for him. i couldn't resist putting him in my green blog. he as wearing the perfect color.

a lovely necklace i am buying today. i can't resist it.

so there you go. i hope you enjoyed this display of my obsession.

and yes, i realize my name is jade, and jade is a green stone or color. this name i was given may or may not be the reason for my love of this color. but maybe by having the name jade, i don't look quite as crazy...


  1. Jade, I love the blog! Each post makes me laugh!
    Also, green is my favorite color as well!

    ...I also can't wait to meet your baby! Maybe today will be the day :)

  2. what is REALLY funny is that I was basically going to write Rachel's exact post...hilarious!! I love the blog & the color green & I wanted to say YAY about your new baby girl. She is beautiful & I can't wait to see her in person!

  3. I LOVE GREEN! I love, Love, LOVE your bathroom, nursery and those green vases almost have me green with envy ;). Hope you're doing great (as I'm sure you are) and I can't wait to meet Caroline!!!