Thursday, July 22, 2010

4 years

happy 4 year anniversary shauny!! (a day late)

you are my best friend and i'm more thankful for you today than ever!

we have had some eye opening experiences lately and we have learned a lot these past couple of weeks. about ourselves, about our marriage, and about how wonderful our God is and how important it is to always keep him in the middle of our marriage.

thank you for taking care of your wife. you teach me everyday how to become a better person and a better follower of Christ. you love me unconditionally and always see me for who i am, even when i seem to be acting like someone else. ;)

you are an incredible father. i love you more every time i see you interact with our baby. she is totally smitten with you just like her momma. you are so good to your girls and we couldn't make it without you.

i love you shaun. i love the good, the bad and the ugly. i love how our friendship has grown deeper these past 4 years, and i love that we have so many more years ahead. i love you with all my heart and i promis i will never stop.



  1. Congrats to you and Shaun! How awesome! I look up to you both! :)

  2. Thanks, babe! I love you too!