Tuesday, July 6, 2010

10 months

i know i haven't been consistent in doing these monthly updates, but this past weekend when C turned 10 months, it really made me realize that almost a year has passed since she was born and very, VERY soon my baby will be 1. oh geez....

it also made me realize how fast she is changing. she is almost walking. WALKING! is this right? my little baby who just a month ago starting crawling is now almost walking? i have no idea how long it will take before she actually takes her first step, but her balance is already so good, i really don't think it will be that long. there are so many times that she will be holding onto the couch she just pulled up on and then just let go. just let go and stand there. no help. no wobbling. just standing. playing with the remote or iphone she just got her hands on. it's crazy and freaky and amazing all at the same time.

and her two top front teeth have pushed their way through. that just seems totally crazy to me. the two bottom teeth seem normal, but the two top front teeth seem crazy. she really seems like a big girl with 4 teeth.

she is talking all the time. babbling and saying things with real meaning in her voice. it's like she is trying to explain things to whoever will listen. she understands so much and i think when i ask her a question she really knows the difference between yes and no. i can hear the "yeah" and "na" in her answers. and of course, shaun and i are both smitten that her two favorite words right now are "da-da" and "ma-ma".

she makes us so happy. we left her for the 2nd time this past weekend, but it was really like the 1st. (when she was about 6 months old she got a stomach bug. after she recovered shaun and i got it bad. so bad C had to go to my Mom's for the night b/c we couldn't physically care for her) we attended a wedding out of town and decided to stay the night. i wrote out instructions for my Mom until about 2pm the next day and i told shaun to pack his swim trunks b/c we should take advantage of the hotel pool. yeah right. when we woke up a little before 9, we immediately packed our bags and headed home. i couldn't believe how much i missed my baby. shaun and i make a point to go on dates about every other week, but not being there when she woke up in the morning was weird. i couldn't believe how much i missed peaking in her room and watching her talk to herself before i went in to get her. and how that sweet smile and instant bouncing to get out her crib when she first sees me, really gets my day started. she brings me so much joy.

so happy 10 month birthday baby girl! you are so much fun right now and i can't wait to go on vacation next week. the beach is going to be a whole new adventure for you!

love you always and forever,


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