Thursday, June 24, 2010

personalizing a tote bag

i love personalized things. especially for caroline. there's just something about having a blanket or bag with her name or initial that just draws me in.

so, when i saw {this tutorial} over at lemon tree creations i planned a way to tweak it and make it a personalized bag for caroline.

so, here's what you will need and what i did.

- canvas tote bag
- freezer paper
- spray paint (i used watermelon from Krylon)
- iron
- scissors
- a marker
- painting tape (optional)

first, i found a font i really liked over at {kevin and amanda's free fonts} and printed them at a font size of 200. i also found a really cute doodle of a little bird. i also printed that at 200.

from there, i traced the letters onto freezer paper and cut each letter out.

shaun had to help me with the a, o and e and used an exact-o knife. he used it for the eye and the wing of the little chick too. once all the letters were cut out i placed them shiny side down and ironed them to the bag.

i also used some painters tape and taped the top of the bag to add an edge.

then i took the bag in the backyard and spray painted the entire front

once the paint was dry, i easily peeled off the freezer paper


i LOVE it! i need to do some touch-ups on the bottom and the next time i will probably tape the sides to prevent paint from getting there, but overall i'm very pleased.

C is ready for vacation and the beach with her new bag!

you need to try this. it's pretty easy and cheap!


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  1. This is so cute - I am so impressed! I am also impressed with the new look to your blog :)