Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the farm

last weekend went by fast but was laid back and just what we needed. it was great to see my grandmother and hang out on the farm. and somehow i convinced everyone to go to the nearby outlets. huh? i know. i'm not really sure how that worked out, but i thought i would try. they have a j.crew outlet and being that close and not trying to go was too hard. we went. i shopped. i found things i needed at a good price and it was awesome! they also had a gymboree outlet. c's grandma and great-grandma spoiled her!

we didn't really do much else, which is actually one of the reasons i like going to the farm. lunch and dinner are early and the time in between is spent sitting outside, taking naps, walking around and talking. it's slow paced and quiet there. it's nice.

there was a lot of looking at ladies like this

and even though she is still pretty little and he's kind of a city boy, i thought these two fit right in

(shaun actually fits in great! although most of the weekend was laid back, we did have a big storm saturday night that knocked out some fencing. shaun and my uncle had to fix a gate in about 4 feet of rushing water. i married a good one. not many guys would be willing to work so hard on their in-laws farm.)

and this fall, i plan on stealing some more of these for our landscaping at our new house

that's it. i hope you are able to have a quiet and laid back weekend soon.

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  1. 4 feet or rushing, POOPY water I might add... :) It was pretty nasty.