Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lands' End

Lands' End was catalog that my mom used to get. it always had pretty nice stuff, but it was all pretty "momish". well, today i was looking for a momish bathing suit top and found out some wonderful things about lands' end. they have evolved and they have some great features on their website. so, i thought i would share.

first - my best friend told me to check out their overstock department. it's seperate from their sale. i went and found a pretty cute top for $10! check it out {here} i was really pleased with the selection and the prices. notice how this top was at one point $52! and they actually had my size! most of the time when you look through really reduced sale items they are out of the most common sizes like 6 or 8. well, i'm an average girl and those are my sizes. but i was able to get the top in my size. i am really excited! i hope it works.

second - after i purchased the top, i decided to check out their Lands' End Canvas section. i originally thought i was going to be looking at their totes. (have you ever had one of their totes? very sturdy and very useful. i use mine all the time.) ok - so i went to the canvas section. check it out {here}. when you see this what do you think of? j.crew right? young girls in comfy cute clothing. well keep looking, can! the prices are not as high as j.crew. they are not dirt cheap, but a polo shirt is like $25 or $30. and tops are like $20. now, don't get me wrong - I LOVE J.CREW! i just can't always afford j.crew.

third - after i looked through most of the clothing, i realized i needed wanted some of their cute tops. but i had already ordered my bathing suit top. and i don't want to have to pay shipping for 2 orders from one place. i figured i could call them really quick and add the shirts, but i'm at work. i shouldn't really be shopping right now (or blogging for that matter), so calling them might give me away. so...i tried the live chat feature. SO COOL! annette came on and asked me how she could help and then added my two shirts to my existing order and then sent me an email confirmation before she left. it was amazing!!

this picture might be kind of small. but basically this is my chat with annette.

so, i just wanted to share this new knowledge with you all. as you can tell, i'm pretty excited.

i'll let you know how things work out.

oh wait - reason four why i like lands' end. anything you order online, you can return to a sears' that sell lands' end. that's awesome! i really hope that everything works out, but just in case...

have a great thursday!


  1. Agreed! Land's End has some of the best customer service I've experienced. I usually dread bathing suit shopping, but bought one last year and I LOVE it. The suits are high quality, and flattering, and reasonably priced. I love the new Canvas line, too! I was so impressed.

  2. Jade, that was so helpful!!! I really need some cheap bathing suits to take to YL camp & that was perfect!!

  3. Thanks for the kind words you have posted here about us. We are so proud to read your blog. We will be sure to pass it along for others to read, especially Annette.

  4. Whoo-Hoo! Lands' End saw that you loved them and now they love you!!! Talk about AWESOME JAWESOME!