Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a whirlwind of a weekend

there once was a time that i blogged about things such as weekend plans and fun events that were approaching or had passed. and then i got boring. or, at least my ability to re-tell things got boring. i guess my ability to recap things may not have improved, but i'm going to jump back on the wagon. i'm just going to blog.

this past weekend we had a busy and fun time. our wonderful friends, the warnings, came to visit. and when i say warnings, i do mean ALL the warnings. at one point, i had the whole warning family in my living room. including their spouses and children. it was fun - and chaotic!

for the majority of the weekend, cami and i sat around and watched kids doing this

but we also:

- ate yummy pizza (it was just papa johns, but it was SO good for some reason)
- talked about our upcoming vacation and what to do if the oil infiltrates our beach.
- we woke up early to take care of babies or to take brad on his multiple sclerosis bike ride.
- we had a cook-out with just about everyone in a 12 mile radius
- and we watched little kids water my plants with toys and tea.

it was really a lot of fun, and it went fast!

by sunday at 2 our house was empty.

at 12, we had 3 best friends, their husbands, one husband's parents, his sister and brother in law, and 6 kids under the age of 3 dancing around our living room, running up and down the basement stairs and crying over white cheese. (at one point shaun thought it would be a good idea to bring kona into the mix. it was not. he ran away quickly!) so were you able to count how many people that is? 16. yep. 16. all in our living room. it was fun and nuts!

Speaking of nuts - take a look at one of my best friends that i was referring to above.

yep - that's right, she is holding her 2 week old! uh! but honestly, i'm proud to call her my best friend. she is strong and beautiful and can pop out a baby and look totally hot in a bathing suit 3 weeks later! aren't they all beautiful?!?

this coming weekend is going to be very.low.key

we are headed to sardina, indiana. never heard of it? no surprise. it takes less than a minute to drive through. pretty much the only thing in sardina is my grandparents farm, their house and my uncle's house. (yes, this is where i find all the old furniture. i will probably be looking for more this coming trip) going to indiana is like stepping back in time. we just sit around, eat big meals, walk in the woods, watch random shows like jeapordy. my grandfather passed away when i was a sophomore in college, but i have grown up on this farm. it's fun to take shaun and caroline and it's nice to relax and do a whole lot of nothin'!

{this is my little brother and i with poppa on the farm. i'm probably about 8 here}

and i hope to reveal another room soon. shaun actually just asked me what room would be next. i think our living room looks the best now. i'll photograph it soon.

have a great week and low key weekend. if you want...

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