Friday, April 22, 2011

camera phone picture dump

do you have a camera on your phone? i'm a little obsessed with mine. i'm always taking pictures of C or random things that i just bought and want to show the hubs when he's not with me. i didn't want an iphone, but got one through my job. and after having it for almost 2 years, i'm still not a good iphone user with apps or the ipod or stuff like that, but i LOVE the camera.

what do you all do with all the pictures you take? they aren't quality enough or important enough to print (most of the time), and they just hang out in there.

here are some random phone pics. this seems like a good place to dump them out.

she is letting me double french braid her hair! 1st of all - can you believe how much hair my 19 month old baby has? 2nd - elmo is a life saver sometimes.

ummm...where did she learn this??

on our way to florida. when i snapped the picture i thought "perfect - wonder how long this will last". answer - about 3 min.

this is my buddy man. i'm loving that the weather has been so nice, and i can pack up C and buddy and we can go walking at local parks and gardens.

first day at the beach. actually, first 20 min. at our condo. we were so excited we went straight to the beach and C got busy!

lunch in seaside. such a fun little place. C and i ate at a little stand that sold any and every kind of grilled cheese you could think of. so smart and yummy!

dress up jewelry from great ma-maw

do you all do this? i'm a little embarrassed but i bet i'm not the only one who does this. i shop like this all the time with my best friend that lives 3 hours away. it's nice to have another set of eyes when you're shopping by yourself. "is the neck weird or cool? does this shirt make me look pregnant? can i wear this color? can i pull off these boots?" these are normal and frequent texts to each other. this is a dress i didn't purchase but love, love, love. the price tag was way too high. i shouldn't have even tried it on, but man - what a cutie! (the dress, not necessarily the model) =)

Hoppy Easter blog friends!!

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