Saturday, April 16, 2011

saturday to-do

the hubs is off on a 70 mile bike ride today and C and i are enjoying a day in.

but now she's down for a nap and our house is a wreck. wait, i mean a WRECK! it. is. bad.

and i need to finish some gifts for a baby shower tomorrow.

i need a list.

while the hubs is away and C is sleeping, i'm getting to work!

- clean house (bathrooms, kitchen, vacuum, dust, boo...)

- finish baby blanket for baby shower tomorrow

- make burps clothes for baby shower

- laundry

here's the problem.

#1 - i'm blogging...whoops...

#2 - i'm really, really tired. stayed up way too late last night

#3- i'm blogging...=)

OK - i'm doing this!

wish me luck!

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