Wednesday, November 2, 2011

halloween weekend

C and i headed to western ky this past weekend to visit some good friends while daddyboi headed up to MI to go to a football game.   we girls don't make too many trips like this alone, but saturday morning we loaded up the car and headed off.  some of us had a more relaxing trip that others...

C was minnie mouse this year! and since we were invited to a party that required me to dress up as well, i went for mickey.  sort of.  i got really crafty and make C's ears and skirt.  but then i ran out of steam.  my costume consisted of red shorts over leggings, a black t-shirt with little silver mickey's and minnie mouse ears.  whoops...  whatevs.  no one cared what i looked like, and i was comfy.  


 love this picture.  i asked them to smile, so they smiled at each other

C and i made our way home on monday to a waiting daddy.  she kind of understood what trick or treating was this year.  well, she at least understands the treat part!

hope you had a safe and fun halloween too!!

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