Monday, October 24, 2011

another fun weekend!

we had a great weekend around here!  i really try not to live for the weekend, but sometimes i can't help it.  especially when i know it's a weekend full of family time!!

we started out with another trip to the pumpkin patch.  we were there pretty early.  any guess what the temperature was here on friday morning?  38.  yep - it was chilly.  but we had fun!

there's a little black and white bunny in the cage, and a little pink one on the outside!  =)

on friday night, we had family come and stay with us for the weekend.  it's always so great when out of town family comes in.  i am so thankful that C gets to grow up with so much family.  i love that she get's excited when pop and granny come and visit us, and sad when she see's them drive away.  she had so much fun with everyone this weekend.  she can't wait until they come back!

C & granny, who is actually C's great granny, having some serious fun in the playhouse!  =)  love these pictures.

i had to make this for our weekend guests

that's right - cookie dough topped with Oreo's, topped with brownie batter.

recipe?  cookie dough, then Oreo's, the brownie batter.  just that simple.  i have no idea what temperature or how long to tell you because i just winged it.  wung it?  just keep testing with a toothpick until brownie is done and toothpick comes out clean.

everyone left yesterday, but C and our continued our weekend this morning.

C had her 1st gymnastics class!

walking on the balance beam

she has so much fun - we can't wait to go back!

how was your weekend?

and our little bedroom redo?  the gray and yellow master idea.  it's coming together nicely.  i'll be able to share pictures really soon!!

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