Tuesday, October 4, 2011


lately, i've been obsessing about what C and i are going to wear in our family pictures this saturday.  (yes - shaun will be in them, but he's easy to dress.)  i was a bad mom yesterday and delayed C's nap because i was obsessed with trying to find her something to wear.  i found something and then tried it on her last night.  it doesn't fit.  my selfish efforts turned out to be for nothing.  well, except a fun little lunch date with C.

i've been enjoying my time with her more and more lately.  don't get me wrong, time with her has always been great, but it's been different lately.  she talks so much now.  full sentences.  answers questions.  we are having conversations.  it's crazy.   lunch with her yesterday was easy and fun!


lately, i've been enjoying the new memories i just made on my weekend away in nashville with by 3 best friends.

two of the girls i see on a pretty regular basis, but cam is about 3 hours away.  i miss her.  i'm so thankful that we got to get away for a whole weekend and do nothing.  we literally just hung out.  our only agenda was to shop and eat, and that's what we did.  we watched movies in our hotel room, slept in and did things by our schedule, not our kids.  it was awesome.


lately, i've been potty training my 2 year old.  she is doing so well!  it's strange how excited i am about this, but i am just so proud of her.  we have been sitting on her "big girl potty" for about a month now, but i wasn't rushing her.  i knew she would do it when she was ready.  i've learned that her personality is like mine.  she does not like to be rushed.  so, we took it slow.  last week she was successful for the first time and she hasn't looked back!  


lately, i've been having crazy dreams.  like weird crazy dreams.  dreams about shaun being a prince in a foreign country and being forced to move away from me and i didn't get to say goodbye.  last night i had a dream that my job took me to africa to figure out some pollution problems in the middle of the ocean.  and then at one point someone was trying to hurt my aunt (but it was a random old lady in my dream) because she was trying to hurt C.  what is up?? 

and lastly, lately i've been enjoying this picture

it really doesn't fit anywhere in this post, but every time i see it, i crack up!  this was her 2 year well visit last week.  while waiting for the doctor, we had some fun with stickers.  such a cutie!

what have you been up to lately??

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  1. Hey, we have the same iPhone cover!

    And, Caroline is practically perfect in every way. Just like Mary Poppins.

    Love you!