Monday, September 26, 2011

falling for fall

last friday was the first day of fall.  and around here, it's actually starting to feel like fall.  so, this weekend we did fall things.

i think fall is my favorite time of the year.  you can be outside, and the weather is cool.  the sun is shining and the colors are bright.  i love cool mornings and chilly evenings.  wearing vests and boots and knowing it's the start of the holiday season.  i try not to get into it too soon, so waiting for the first technical day of fall was as long as i could wait.

we started out by visiting a local orchard on saturday.  a fun place that has just about everything.

C loved feeding the goats and the donkey.

it surprises me how brave she is sometimes.  especially when it comes to animals.  animals as tall as her, but yet she just holds out her hand to feed or pet them!

we climbed tall straw towers

played with the wagons

and the best part for her - this giant slide.  adults were not allowed to go down it, so daddyboi was at the top and i waited at the bottom.  she was fearless!

see that little pink dot sliding down?

yep - that's C.  i can't tell you how many times she went down that giant slide.  no fear.  every time she got to the bottom, she looked at me and said "more please."

maybe her trick was to close her eyes.  i don't think i got a picture with them open!

and then pumpkins.  we decided not to get one just yet, but C had fun trying to pick them up!

yesterday, i decided it was time to decorate around the house for fall too!

mantel decorations

those little pumpkins on the hearth are new.  i wanted something down there that if C picked up, she wouldn't hurt or get hurt.  they are soft, kind of like pillows.  so cute!

then a little decoration for our dining room table.

C helped me pick some acorns yesterday from our neighbors yard.  easy and cheap!

i'm not sure how long the candy will last there.  every time C sees it she says "i need treat mommy."  we may have to move the treats out of view!

just some simple stuff to get us ready for the coming season!

i love how little decorations like this make our house feel more cozy.  shaun said yesterday he was ready to build fires!  we might have to wait until we are out of the 70's, but we're getting close!!

happy fall friends!


  1. Everything looks so beautiful! Just a word to the wise: you might want to google how to bake your acorns so that you won't have any maggots coming out of me and learn from my mistakes :)

  2. I love your decorations! And I'm so glad I read Kari's comment, because I have TONS of acorns in my front yard and was planning on collecting some to use for decorations too!