Thursday, September 1, 2011

oh man oh man, what a slacker i have been.

well, not really.  i've actually been so busy with work and life and a certain little lady's 2nd birthday coming, i have neglected one of my favorite things. 

"blogging" has suffered.  not only have i not written to forever, i currently have 176 unread items in my google reader.

that's sad and slightly overwhelming...

and honestly, i don't even have the time to take time to talk about time at this time.  follow?

but, my little peanut is turning 2 in three days and i would really be upset with myself if some of this didn't get documented.

so, some sneak peaks of the party planning...

part of the reason why i am so busy, is because i insist on making everything myself!

but mostly because making things gives you cute decorations on a budget.  and hubs likes the sound of that!

the "theme"  is a pink, orange & yellow party and bunting.

here are the invites i made:

pink, orange, yellow & bunting!  i loved them.  simple and sweet.

yes - i'm a busy little bee lately, but it's all for this gal

who wouldn't want to celebrate that little thing!  =)

hopefully i will be able to take a lot of good pictures (not iphone pics that i instagram to make them seem not so harsh) and will show them to you soon!

i can't believe she's almost 2.  i love the little girl she is becoming.  singing the B-I-B-L-E in stores, and clamming up and being shy when people talk to her.  she is learning her colors and letters and is such a little sponge!  this is such a special time and i am beyond amazed and truly grateful that i get to be mama to this precious girl.

time moves quickly.  i can't stop it, but i can be right there for almost every second. 

what a blessing.

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