Friday, September 9, 2011

C's 2nd birthday party!

C was a little princess for the day and loved having all of her friends over to run around and scream in the basement with.  she wasn't shy (thank goodness), and was really excited about everything.  she was so sweet and i am so thankful that we got to celebrate her the way we did.

i don't know if i mentioned this in my last post, but since the party was at 3 in the afternoon, i didn't really do much food.  so - in addition to the pink, orange and yellow theme, i had cookies and milk for everyone.

wait - should i back up and show you more decorations before i show actual pictures of the party?  OK.

even though it was a sweltering 98 degrees outside, and i knew we wouldn't be outside much, i put my bunting on the back porch like i originally planned.

zinnia's from our backyard.  i'm kind of proud...

inside i mostly just decorated over the table.  this is a wider shot than the one above.  it shows off my pretty poms.  i wasn't sure how these would look at first, but once they were hung, i was in love!

also C's birthday banner.  i made it last year and was soooo thankful that i kept it.  i just replaced the 1st with a 2nd and bam!  perfect and easy.

those are little cartons of milk on ice.  the hubs works at a high school, so he scored some from the cafeteria for me.  and those are orange and yellow bendy straws in the mason jar.  i found them on sale about a month back and wasn't sure what i was going to use them for.  but they were perfect for the little cartons of milk!

the chalkboard is one that i made for my sis-in-law for her wedding.  it was yellow, so it fit in perfect.  and the cookies jars each had the name of the cookie on it that was inside.  chocolate chip, peanut butter, white chocolate shortbread and oreo's!  

here's a little bit closer shot

and then there was the cake.  i was so excited about her cake because it was cute and simple on the outside, but there was a little something special about the inside.

 bunting on top to match her invitations

when  you cut into the cake, you got this...

i put red food coloring in a white cake to make each layer and little darker pink than the next.  the two bottom layers are pretty close in color (it was hard to tell by just the mix) but i was still pretty pleased!  =)

and yes - those are scoops of ice cream in a cupcake holder.  a little trick i learned from pinterest.  pre-scoop your ice cream buy putting them in a muffin tin with cupcake holders.  re-freeze and then serve quickly and without all the mess!  genius!! 

the stage was set for a great little party.  nothing too over the top, but perfectly sweet for my little lady.

since it was so hot, we only did cake and ice cream outside.

 she was not at all interested in getting messy again this year.  in fact, i don't even think she ate the cake, only the ice cream.  but she did stick a little finger in it after we blew out the candles...

the majority of our time was spent inside.  we, thankfully, have a great space down in our basement for just this sort of thing.  where the kids can run around and be crazy, and the adults can watch and hangout.  i even told shaun that he could have football on if, and only if, it was turned off when i said so.

she really did look like she was having so much fun!  that was the best part for me.  seeing my baby grow up into a little girl, playing with her friends and just being a kid!

opening presents was at the end.  she did so good thanking everyone for the presents she got and thanking everyone for coming.  what a sweet girl i have!

it was a great weekend!  i am beyond grateful for the wonderful family and friends we have that showed up to love and celebrate my baby turning two.  i am so thankful that my daughter gets to grow up knowing that she is surrounded by such love.

happy 2nd birthday baby!  you are my little peanut and you bring such joy to me and your daddy everyday.  we have our moments of fun and silliness, along with the fits and tears.  but every moment, every second, i love you.  with all my heart.

hope you had a fun birthday weekend!

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