Wednesday, September 21, 2011

i did it...

yep - i did it.  i took the plunge and turned 30! 

let me tell you, 30 is alright with me.  i have a feeling my 30's are going to bring great things my way.

don't get me wrong.  i loved my 20's.  i married my best friend in my 20's.  i had my baby in my 20's.  i made life-long friendships in my 20's.

but, i also had some bad boyfriends in my 20's.  some college days of staying up too late and then missing classes that were being paid for. some crazy jobs.  some crazy drama (that really isn't all the dramatic when i look back).  and some heartbreak in my 20's. 

you're 20's are full of transition.  at least mine were. 

so now, i'm 30.  the big 3-0.  isn't it funny how milestone years like this are such a big deal?  why?

i mean - i made sure that the hubs made a big deal about it, but in reality, what is the big deal?

i know who i am now.  when i turned 20, i was lost.  even when i turned 23 or 27, i was still figuring out who i was and who i wanted to be.

i feel like in my 30's i get to learn new things about life.  about my family and my friends.  and about myself.  i don't have to worry so much about figuring out who and what i want to be.  instead, i get to enjoy the person i'm becoming.  and i know that i'll continue to change and evolve as time goes on, but i think now i will have the confidence to do that without freaking out or loosing it.  well,  i'll probably still freak out.  but my 20's taught me that nothing can be done without christ alone.  and that realization is only going to make me a better person for my 30's.  and 40's!  uhh...wait, maybe i'm not ready for that reality...

sure - there will be more transitions in life.  i'm no fool - i know they're coming.  but i feel like i am finally in a place where i feel comfortable and confident in who christ made me to be.

in all seriousness - i feel thankful to be turning 30.  god taught me a lot in my 20's.  he showed me a lot and opened my eyes to some amazing things.  but you're 20's are hard.  so much happens.  college, love, friends, un-love, love again, graduating, divorce, finding a grown up job, love again, marriage, pregnancy, losing babies, hurting friends, marriage fights, moving, cancer, moving again, gaining debt, paying debt.


some of these things will continue in my 30's, but it hit for the first time in my 20's.  and that's hard.  a lot happened in 10 years.  is this relating with anyone?  sorry...

i had a great birthday weekend!  i got to spend time with just the hubs, with family and friends, and was showered with love!  i have some pretty great examples for my 30's.  i'm taking it on with a smile!

it was a great weekend to reflect and realize that my best years are not behind me.  one person wished me a happy birthday by saying "the 30's are like the new black". 

i'll take it friends!  i'll take it.

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