Tuesday, October 11, 2011

a perfectly productive lazy weekend

don't you just love those kind of weekends?  where you got a lot done, but it was easy and lazy?  that was our weekend.  it was great!

it started out with some family pictures on saturday morning.  we had such a fun time and C did awesome!  she was silly and smiley and cooperative.  i think i figured out the trick.  pictures first thing in the morning was a dream for us!  9:30am was perfect.  she was happy and fresh!  we haven't seen anything yet, but i have a good feeling about them.

after lunch and a nap, we headed to a local oktoberfest.  i have to admit, things like this are a little overwhelming for me, but C loved it!

once again - fearless!  at one point she went down face first - on purpose!  =)

sunday felt like the most productive day for me.  while C napped after church, i got in a creative mood. 

first - i had seen this recipe for some quick pumpkin bread that i wanted to try.  i've seen a couple different versions, but i decided to follow erika's from urban grace

3 ingredients.  that's it.  and it's so yummy! 

- one package of spice cake mix
- one can of pumpkin
- 1/2 tsp of pumpkin pie spice

i made mine in a loaf pan, so i baked it on 350 for about 50 min.

it was so quick and easy, i also made one on monday morning to take to shaun's work.  what a perfect and easy treat to give to someone.  this will definitely make more appearances in my kitchen!

after the bread, i made a little blankie for elmo.  that's right - elmo.

C loves to lay elmo down for a "night-night", and she has been using her big blankets to do so.  i bought this elmo & zoe fabric a couple of months ago, but couldn't decide exactly what to do with it.  well, an elmo blankie seemed just perfect!  i just used some flannel material i already had and used some ric rac ribbon as trim.  quick and easy, and elmo is very pleased with his new blankie.  =)

after C woke up, our plans changed a little.  we were left with a free sunday evening.  seemed like a perfect time to pick out some pumpkins!

this is outside of the church where shaun and i got married.  we were never member's, but it's a beautiful sanctuary and was the perfect size.  every year they have a little "pumpkin patch" on their front lawn to raise money for their youth.  real pumpkin patches are fun, but this little "patch" was just perfect for us this week.  C got to roam around and look at all the different types of pumpkins and it wasn't crowded. 

we found just the right ones and brought them home to our front porch, ready to be carved a little closer to halloween!

i don't work on mondays, so it's always an extended weekend for us.  i made another pumpkin loaf and C and i visited daddyboi at work.

yes - this is how we left the house.  she insisted on the bag and the beads.  i didn't argue...

after her nap, we decided to bake some more!


turned in to this...

peanut butter truffle brownies?!?  perfection in shaun's eyes.  i found the recipe here and borrowed the picture too.  mine turned out delicious, but not as pretty.  i didn't have time to let them cool long enough.  the only hiccup was a little egg shell.  whoops...=)  it's tricky baking with a 2 year old!  fun and priceless memories, but a little tricky.  a little egg shell never hurt anyone though, right? ;)

how was your weekend?  don't you just love fall?  the holidays are just around the corner, but you can still be outside.  perfect for lazy productive weekends! 

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